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Clan Memberlists

Looks up a clan's memberlist

In the game of RuneScape people enjoy partaking in many social activities. Some activities may consist of Castle Wars, Bounty Hunter, and PK'ing. A great way to share in these experiences are clans. RuneScript's command !claninfo will be able to give some information on various clans in RuneScape.


!ml <clan name>
!claninfo <clan name>


<Cowman_133> !ml THE
-RuneScript- *** [ CLAN INFO ]: [The] THE Clan ( | Members: 50 | Type: F2P & P2P | Time: America & Europe | Cape: Orange | Homeworld: 116 | [Averages] Cmb: 122.38/131.97; Str: 97.3; Cns: 98.04; Mage: 90.98; Range: 90.54; Overall: 1,961 | Last Updated: 12th Aug 2010 | URL:
-RuneScript- *** [ OTHER MATCHES ]: The Retired, THE Clan Range Unit, All The and TF ever list

Halfops and higher can choose which skill total will appear when this command is used in the channel.


!ml setskill <skill>


!ml setskill farming
-RuneScript- *** [ CLAN INFO ]: This channels custom skill has been changed to Farming

All RuneScape clan information lookups are provided by the databases of

This command's settings may be changed with !set ml.

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