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Search through the database of Meg's questions

Meg is a character from the Player-Owned Ports (POP) minigame who appears each Wednesday with a different question about adverturing in RuneScape. Meg asks three questions every week, with each one focused on the skills of Fishing, Hunter, Prayer, Thieving, Runecrafting or Slayer. You can give her advice to her queries before she proceeds into the adventuring world, and the next Wednesday she'll come back to share her successes (or failures) with you. Giving her better advice more appropriate to the task at hand will improve her takings and hence your share of them.

This command takes the first four to six words of the question (or the entire question) as input, searches through our database and displays the rating of all the possible responses. You should answer Meg with the highest-rated response visible to you.

The entire database can be viewed here.


!meg <first four words of question>

Example of usage:

<Cowman_133> !meg Okay, so I was speaking
-RuneScript- *** [ MEG ]: Excellent: I think you should start smaller, Meg. | Why not get some help on this one? | Good: I'm not sure that fish is real, Meg. | Be calm and don't panic.
-RuneScript- *** [ MEG ]: Neutral: Make sure the rod is secure. | Find out what the right bait is first. | Bad: If you fire several harpoons at once, you won't miss. | Buy the adventurer a drink and bring him along. | Terrible: Wrestle it into submission. You'll be legendary! | Dam up the river so it can't escape!

This command's settings may be changed with !set meg.

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