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Treasure Trails

Easily solve clue scrolls with the help of RuneScript

RuneScript, equipped with a treasure trail riddle solver, anagram descrambler, NPC locator and a coordinate finder, is an awesome tool for completing treasure trails and collecting sweet loot.


The first command that users can use is the riddle solver. Simply input the riddle and RuneScript automatically tells you the answer, making for one easy step towards some cool rewards.


!riddle <search string>

Note: This command only needs to be triggered with a few words from the riddle. For instance, if the riddle is: "Probably filled with books on magic.", one would only need to search with the terms "books on magic" and it would give the same result.

Example of use:

<Emo> !riddle books on magic
-RuneScript- *** [ RIDDLE ]: Question: "Probably filled with books on magic." - Answer: Search the bookcase in the basement of the Wizard's Tower, in Sedridor's room.
-RuneScript- If this was not what you were looking for, please narrow your search.


Next up on the list is the anagram un-mixer. These puzzles can be solved by laying out the letters and trying them in different positions in the word until one finds the word. Why waste your time when you can have RuneScript solve it for you? This function, when given the letters, will automatically put them together to create the word you are looking for so you can be on your way once more.


!anagram <anagram>

Example of use:

<Emo> !anagram ERR CURE IT
-RuneScript- *** [ ANAGRAM ]: Anagram: "Err Cure It" - Answer: Recruiter - Location: Centre of town, West Ardougne. You must have at least started the Plague City Quest to get into West Ardougne...


These are possibly the easiest-to-solve treasure trail steps one may encounter, but there are always those dang NPCs that you cannot seem to find. RuneScript will tell you where these NPCs are so you can simply teleport over and speak with them to collect your loot.


!speakto <Search String>

Note: This command may also be triggered by only a few words, just like !riddle.

Example of use:

<Emo> !speakto kangai mau
-RuneScript- *** [ SPEAK TO ]: Character: "Kangai Mau" - Location: Inside the pub in Brimhaven.


Lastly we have the !coord command which will help you find your clue locations. It will search the database for the location of your clue, and will return the place where your clue is located.

!coord <latitude> N/S <longitude> W/E

Example of use:

<Cowman_133> !coord 03.45 S 22.45 E
-RuneScript- *** [ CO-ORDS ]: Coord: 03.45 S 22.45 E | Location: North of the lake in the Bedabin camp. You must have at least started the Tourist Trap Quest to get to this area
-RuneScript- *** [ URL ]:

This command's settings may be changed with !set riddle.

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