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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Mar 5 2015

LevelExp. GainedName
11Harvest Pale spring
13Convert pale memory
13.7Convert pale memory and energy
21Portent of restoration I
31.2Divine bronze rock
41.3Divine kebbit burrow
51.5Attuned portent of restoration I
61.7Sign of the porter I
71.8Divine tree
82Sign of respite I
103Boon of flickering energy
102Harvest flickering spring
104Harvest enriched flickering spring
104Convert flickering memory
104.4Convert flickering memory (boon)
105Convert flickering memory and energy
105.5Convert flickering memory and energy(with boon)
108Convert enriched flickering memory
108.8Convert enriched flickering memory (boon)
1010Convert enriched flickering memory and energy
1011Convert enriched flickering memory (boon)
123.1Divine herb patch i
133.3Oak logs
153.4Portent of restoration II
163.6Raw trout
173.7Iron ore
183.9Attuned portent of restoration II
194Divine iron rock
205Boon of bright energy
203Harvest bright spring
206Harvest enriched bright spring
205Convert bright memory
206.2Convert bright memory and energy
205.5Convert bright memory (boon)
206.82Convert bright memory and energy (boon)
2010Convert enriched bright memory
2012.5Convert enriched bright memory and energy
2011Convert enriched bright memory (boon)
2013.75Convert enriched bright memory and energy (boon)
215.1Divine oak tree
225.2Silver ore
235.3Sign of respite II
245.4Divine bird snare
255.6Portent of restoration III
265.7Uncut emerald
275.8Attuned portent of restoration III
285.9Sign of the porter II
307Boon of glowing energy
304Harvest glowing spring
308Harvest enriched glowing spring
307Convert glowing memory
308.7Convert glowing memory and energy
307.7Convert glowing memory (boon)
309.57Convert glowing memory and energy (boon)
3014Convert enriched glowing memory
3017.5Convert enriched glowing memory and energy
317.2Divine coal rock
317.2Divine willow tree
327.3Willow logs
337.4Uncut ruby
347.5Divine deadfall trap
357.6Portent of restoration IV
367.7Raw tuna
377.8Attuned portent of restoration IV
387.9Sign of respite III
398Gold ore
409Boon of sparkling energy
405Harvest sparking spring
4012Convert sparking memory
4015Convert sparking memory and energy
4013.2Convert sparking memory (boon)
4016.5Convert sparking memory and energy (boon)
4010Harvest enriched sparkling spring
4024Convert enriched sparking memory
4030Convert enriched sparking memory and energy
4026.4Convert enriched sparking memory (boon)
4033Convert enriched sparking memory and energy (boon)
429.1Uncut diamond
449.3Divine maple tree
459.4Portent of restoration V
469.6Raw bass
489.9Sign of the porter III
479.7Attuned portent of restoration V
4912Maple logs
5011Boon of gleaming energy
506Harvest gleaming spring
5019Convert gleaming memory
5023.7Convert gleaming memory and energy
5020.9Convert gleaming memory (boon)
5026.07Convert gleaming memory and energy (boon)
5012Harvest enriched gleaming spring
5038Convert enriched gleaming memory
5047.5Convert enriched gleaming memory and energy
5041.8Convert enriched gleaming memory (boon)
5052.25Convert enriched gleaming memory and energy (boon)
5111.3Divine herb patch II
5511.5Portent of restoration VI
5711.8Attuned portent of restoration VI
5812Uncut dragonstone
6013Boon of vibrant energy
607Harvest vibrant spring
6025Convert vibrant memory
6031.25Convert vibrant memory and energy
6027.5Convert vibrant memory (boon)
6034.38Convert vibrant memory and energy (boon)
6014Harvest enriched vibrant spring
6050Convert enriched vibrant memory
6062.5Convert enriched vibrant memory and energy
6055Convert enriched vibrant memory (boon)
6068.75Convert enriched vibrant memory and energy (boon)
6113.1Divine mithril rock
6213.2Divine yew tree
6313.3Mithril ore
6413.4Divine box trap
6513.6Portent of restoration VII
6613.7Raw monkfish*
6713.8Attuned portent of restoration VII
6813.9Sign of the porter IV
6914Sign of item protection
7015Boon of lustrous energy
708Harvest lustrous spring
7032Convert lustrous memory
7040Convert lustrous memory and energy
7035.2Convert lustrous memory (boon)
7044Convert lustrous memory and energy (boon)
7016Harvest enriched lustrous spring
7064Convert enriched lustrous memory
7080Convert enriched lustrous memory and energy
7070.4Convert enriched lustrous memory (boon)
7088Convert enriched lustrous memory and energy (boon)
7215.2Yew logs
7315.3Divine adamantite rock
7515.5Portent of restoration VIII
7615.7Adamantite ore
7715.8Attuned portent of restoration VIII
8017Boon of brilliant energy
809Harvest brilliant spring
8035Convert brilliant memory
8043.7Convert brilliant memory and energy
8038.5Convert brilliant memory (boon)
8048.07Convert brilliant memory and energy (boon)
8018Harvest enriched brilliant spring
8070Convert enriched brilliant memory
8087.5Convert enriched brilliant memory and energy
8077Convert enriched brilliant memory (boon)
8096.25Convert enriched brilliant memory and energy (boon)
8217.5Divine herb patch III
8318Divine magic tree
8519Boon of radiant energy
8010Harvest radiant spring
8038Convert radiant memory
8047.5Convert radiant memory and energy
8041.8Convert radiant memory (boon)
8052.25Convert radiant memory and energy (boon)
8020Harvest enriched radiant spring
8076Convert enriched radiant memory
8095Convert enriched radiant memory and energy
8083.6Convert enriched radiant memory (boon)
80104.5Convert enriched radiant memory and energy (boon)
8619.3Portent of restoration IX
8719.7Attuned portent of restoration IX
8820Sign of the porter V
9021Boon of luminous energy
9011Harvest luminous spring
9042Convert luminous memory
9052.5Convert luminous memory and energy
9046.2Convert luminous memory (boon)
9057.75Convert luminous memory and energy (boon)
9022Harvest enriched luminous spring
9084Convert enriched luminous memory
90105Convert enriched luminous memory and energy
9092.4Convert enriched luminous memory (boon)
90115.5Convert enriched luminous memory and energy (boon)
9221.3Portent of item protection
9321.7Magic logs
9422Divine runite rock
9523Boon of incandescent energy
9512Harvest luminous spring
9545Convert luminous memory
9556.2Convert luminous memory and energy
9549.5Convert luminous memory (boon)
9561.82Convert luminous memory and energy (boon)
9524Harvest enriched luminous spring
9590Convert enriched luminous memory
95112.5Convert enriched luminous memory and energy
9599Convert enriched luminous memory (boon)
95123.75Convert enriched luminous memory and energy (boon)
9623.2Runite ore
9723.4Portent of restoration X
9823.6Attuned portent of restoration X
9924Sign of the porter VI
9924Portent of life
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