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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Oct 20 2016

LevelExp. GainedName
12.5Clean Guam
125Attack Potion
330Ranging Potion
48Attack Mix
53.8Clean Tarromin
535Magic Potion
58Ranging Mix
740Strength Potion
78Magic Mix
840Relicyms Balm
914Relicyms Mix
917Strength Mix
95Clean Marrentill
945Defence Potion
1125Defence Mix
151.2Antipoison Mix
1417Strength Mix
1550Serum 207
1859.5Guthix Rest
1930Guam Tar
206.3Clean Harralander
2250Guthix Balance Potion
2262.5Restore Potion
2421Restore Mix
257.5Clean Ranarr
2580Blamish Oil
2667.5Energy Potion
2923Energy Mix
308Clean Toadflax
3142.5Marrentill Tar
3155Super Fishing Explosive
3480Agility Potion
357.8Clean Spirit Weed
3684Combat Potion
3727Agility Mix
3887.5Prayer Potion
3955Tarromin Tar
4092Summoning Potion
408.8Clean Irit
4028Combat Mix
419.5Clean Wergali
4295Crafting Potion
4229Prayer Mix
4472.5Harralander Tar
45100Super Attack
4733Super Attack Mix
4810Clean Avantoe
48106.3Super Antipoison
50112.5Fishing Potion
5135Super anti-poison mix
52117.5Super Energy
53120Hunter potion
5338Fishing Mix
5411.3Clean Kwuarm
5410Clean Erzille
54123Juju Hunter Potion
55125Super Strength
5611.5Clean Ugune
5639Super Energy Mix
5711.5Clean Bloodweed
57123.5Luck Potion
57130Magic Essence potion
5711.6Clean Argway
58132Fletching Potion
5811.7Clean Shengo
5840Hunting Mix
5911.8Clean Snapdragon
5911.7Clean Samaden
5942Super Strength Mix
60137.5Weapon Poison
6143Magic Essence Mix
63142.5Super Restore
64146Juju Farming Potion
65150Camouflage Potion
6512.5Clean Cadantine
65160Sanfrew Serum
66150Super Defence
6713.1Clean Lantadyme
67152Juju Cooking Potion
6748Super Restore Mix
7013.8Clean Dwarf Weed
70158Juju Fishing Potion
71160Juju Woodcutting Potion
7150Super Defence Mix
72162.5Super Ranging Potion
73165Weapon Poison+
74168Juju Mining Potion
7452Antidote+ Mix
7515Clean Torstol
75170Juju God Potion
7553Antifire Mix
75170Saradomin's Blessing
75170Guthix's Gift
75170Zamorak's favour
75123.8Grand Strength Potion
76172.5Super Magic Potion
76144.4Grand Ranging Potion
77155.7Grand Magic Potion
78175Zamorak Brew
7893.8Grand Attack Potion
79146.3Grand Defence Potion
8054Super Ranging Mix
81180Saradomin Brew
81281.3Super Melee Potion
82185Aggression Potion
8357Super Magic Mix
84200Adrenaline Potion
85210Super Antifire
8558Zamorak Mix
85500Super Warmaster's Potion
87256.9Replenishment Potion
88220Extreme Attack
89230Extreme Strength
89275.7Wyrmfire Potion
90240Extreme Defence
91250Extreme Magic
9116.8Clean Fellstalk
91367.5Extreme Brawler's Potion
91367.5Extreme Battlemage's Potion
91367.5Extreme Sharpshooter's Potion
92260Extreme Ranging
93180Super Saradomin Brew
93180Super Zamorak Brew
9359.5Super Guthix Rest
93240Supreme Attack Potion
93292.5Supreme Defence Potion
93316.9Supreme Magic Potion
93266.3Supreme Strength Potion
93217.5Supreme Ranging Potion
93500Extreme Warmaster's Potion
94300Brightfire Potion
94270Super Prayer
94190Prayer Renewal
96208.2Super Prayer Renewal Potion
97350Holy Overload Potion
97350Searing Overload Potion
97500Overload Salve
98600Supreme Overload Potion
99700Supreme Overload Salve
991000Perfect Plus Potion
321Weak magic potion
534Weak ranged potion
737.5Weak melee potion
941Weak defence potion
1247Weak stat restore potion
1553.5Weak cure potion
1857Weak rejuvenation potion
2161Weak poison
2465Weak gatherer's potion
2768.5Weak artian's potion
3072Weak naturalist's potion
3375Weak survivalist's potion
347.2Wormwood leaf
3679.5Magic potion
3883Ranged potion
4086.5Melee potion
4289Defence potion
4593Stat restore potion
4898.5Cure potion
51105.5Rejuvenation potion
57123.5Gatherer's potion
60131Artisan's potion
63139.5Naturalist's potion
66147Survivalist's potion
6712.7Winter's grip
69155.5Strong magic potion
71160Strong ranged potion
73164Strong melee potion
75170.5Strong defence potion
78173.5Strong stat restore potion
81178Strong cure potion
84189.5Strong rejuvenation potion
87205.5Strong poison
90234Strong gatherer's potion
93253Strong artisan's potion
96279Strong naturalist's potion
99315.5Strong survivalist's potion
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