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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Mar 5 2015

P2P Only?LevelExp. Gained (smelt)Exp. Gained (smith)Name
No16.512.5Bronze Bar
No112.519Bronze Dagger
Yes112.519Off-hand Bronze Dagger
No112.519Bronze Hatchet
No312.519Bronze Mace
Yes312.519Off-hand Bronze Mace
No312.519Bronze Helm
Yes312.519Bronze Bolts
No412.519Bronze Sword
Yes412.519Off-hand Bronze Sword
Yes412.519Bronze Wire
Yes412.519Bronze Dart Tips
Yes412.519Bronze Nails
Yes512.519Bronze Arrowheads
No52531.5Bronze Scimitar
No52531.5Off-hand Bronze Scimitar
Yes52531.5Bronze Hasta
Yes52531.5Bronze Spear
No52531.5Bronze Pickaxe
Yes612.519Bronze Limbs
No62531.5Bronze Longsword
Yes62531.5Off-hand Bronze Longsword
No72531.5Bronze Full Helm
Yes712.519Bronze Knives
Yes712.519Off-hand Bronze Knives
Yes712.519Bronze Throwing Axes
Yes712.519Off-hand Bronze Throwing Axes
No82531.5Bronze Sq Shield
No8816Blurite Bar
No937.544Bronze Warhammer
No937.544Off-hand Bronze Warhammer
No1037.544Bronze Battleaxe
No1037.544Off-hand Bronze Battleaxe
No1137.544Bronze Chainbody
No1237.544Bronze Kite Shield
Yes132531.5Bronze Claw
Yes132531.5Off-hand Bronze Claw
No131725Blurite Bolts
No131725Blurite Crossbow Limbs
No1437.544Bronze 2H Sword
No1637.544Bronze Plateskirt
No1637.544Bronze Platelegs
No1862.569Bronze Platebody
No1512.525Iron Bar
No152537.5Iron Dagger
Yes152537.5Off-hand Iron Dagger
No162537.5Iron Hatchet
No172537.5Iron Mace
Yes172537.5Off-hand Iron Mace
Yes172537.5Iron Spit
No182537.5Iron Helm
Yes182537.5Iron Bolts
Yes192537.5Iron Dart Tips
No192537.5Iron Sword
Yes192537.5Off-hand Iron Sword
Yes192537.5Iron Arrowheads
Yes201818Elemental Bar
No2013.513.5Silver Bar
Yes205062.5Iron Hasta
No205062.5Iron Scimitar
Yes205062.5Off-hand Iron Scimitar
Yes205062.5Iron Spear
No205062.5Iron Pickaxe
No215062.5Iron Longsword
Yes222537.5Iron Knives
Yes222537.5Off-hand Iron Knives
Yes222537.5Iron Throwing Axes
Yes222537.5Off-hand Iron Throwing Axes
No225062.5Iron Full Helm
Yes232537.5Iron Limbs
No235062.5Iron Sq Shield
No247587.5Iron Warhammer
Yes247587.5Off-hand Iron Warhammer
No257587.5Iron Battleaxe
No257587.5Off-hand Iron Battleaxe
Yes262537.5Iron Oil Lantern Frame
No267587.5Iron Chainbody
No277587.5Iron Kiteshield
Yes285062.5Iron Claw
Yes285062.5Off-hand Iron Claw
No297587.5Iron 2H Sword
No3017.537.5Steel Bar
No3037.555Steel Dagger
Yes3037.555Off-hand Steel Dagger
No317587.5Iron Plateskirt
No317587.5Iron Platelegs
No3137.555Steel Hatchet
No3237.555Steel Mace
Yes3237.555Off-hand Steel Mace
No33125137.5Iron Platebody
No3337.555Steel Helm
Yes3337.555Steel Bolts
Yes3437.555Steel Dart Tips
No3437.555Steel Sword
Yes3437.555Off-hand Steel Sword
Yes3437.555Steel Nails
Yes3525.643.1Steel Cannonballs
Yes3537.555Steel Arrowheads
Yes357592.5Steel Hasta
No357592.5Steel Scimitar
Yes357592.5Off-hand Steel Scimitar
Yes357592.5Steel Spear
Yes357592.5Steel Pickaxe
Yes3637.555Steel Limbs
No367592.5Steel Longsword
Yes3637.555Steel Studs
Yes3737.555Steel Knives
Yes3737.555Off-hand Steel Knives
Yes3737.555Steel Throwing Axes
Yes3737.555Off-hand Steel Throwing Axes
No377592.5Steel Full Helm
No387592.5Steel Sq Shield
No39112.5130Steel Warhammer
Yes39112.5130Off-hand Steel Warhammer
No40112.5130Steel Battleaxe
Yes40112.5130Off-hand Steel Battleaxe
No4022.556.25Gold Bar
No41112.5130Steel Chainbody
No42112.5130Steel Kiteshield
Yes437592.5Steel Claw
Yes437592.5Off-hand Steel Claw
No44112.5130Steel 2H Sword
Yes452032.5Iron Sheet
No46112.5130Steel Plateskirt
No46112.5130Steel Platelegs
No48187.5205Steel Platebody
Yes4937.555Steel Bullseye Lantern
No503050Mithril Bar
No505080Mithril Dagger
Yes505080Off-hand Mithril Dagger
Yes503052.5Gold Bowl
Yes503052.5Gold Helmet
No515080Mithril Hatchet
No525080Mithril Mace
Yes525080Off-hand Mithril Mace
No535080Mithril Helm
Yes545080Mithril Bolts
Yes545080Mithril Dart Tips
No545080Mithril Sword
Yes545080Off-hand Mithril Sword
Yes555080Mithril Arrowheads
Yes55100130Mithril Hasta
No55100130Mithril Scimitar
Yes55100130Off-hand Mithril Scimitar
Yes55100130Mithril Spear
Yes55100130Mithril Pickaxe
Yes565080Mithril Limbs
No56100130Mithril Longsword
Yes56100130Off-hand Mithril Longsword
Yes575080Mithril Knives
Yes575080Off-hand Mithril Knives
Yes575080Mithril Throwing Axes
Yes575080Off-hand Mithril Throwing Axes
No57100130Mithril Full Helm
No58100130Mithril Sq Shield
Yes595080Mithril Grapple Tips
No59150180Mithril Warhammer
Yes59150180Off-hand Mithril Warhammer
No60150180Mithril Battleaxe
Yes60150180Off-hand Mithril Battleaxe
Yes607575Dragon Sq Shield
No61150180Mithril Chainbody
No62150180Mithril Kiteshield
Yes63100130Mithril Claw
Yes63100130Off-hand Mithril Claw
No64150180Mithril 2H Sword
No66150180Mithril Plateskirt
No66150180Mithril Platelegs
No68250280Mithril Platebody
No7037.562.5Adamant Bars
No7062.5100Adamant Dagger
Yes7062.5100Off-hand Adamant Dagger
No7162.5100Adamant Hatchet
No7262.5100Adamant Mace
Yes7262.5100Off-hand Adamant Mace
No7362.5100Adamant Helm
Yes7362.5100Adamant Bolts
Yes7462.5100Adamant Dart Tips
No7462.5100Adamant Sword
Yes7462.5100Adamant Sword
Yes7562.5100Adamant Arrowheads
Yes75125162.5Adamant Hasta
No75125162.5Adamant Scimitar
Yes75125162.5Adamant Scimitar
Yes75125162.5Adamant Spear
Yes75125162.5Adamant Pickaxe
Yes7662.5100Adamant Limbs
No76125162.5Adamant Longsword
Yes76125162.5Adamant Longsword
Yes7762.5100Adamant Knives
Yes7762.5100Off-hand Adamant Knives
Yes7762.5100Adamant Throwing Axes
Yes7762.5100Off-hand Adamant Throwing Axes
No77125162.5Adamant Full Helm
No78125162.5Adamant Sq Shield
No79187.5225Adamant Warhammer
Yes79187.5225Off-hand Adamant Warhammer
No80187.5225Adamant Battleaxe
Yes80187.5225Off-hand Adamant Battleaxe
No81187.5225Adamant Chainbody
No82187.5225Adamant Kiteshield
Yes83125162.5Adamant Claw
Yes83125162.5Off-hand Adamant Claw
No84187.5225Adamant 2H Sword
No855075Runite Bar
No8575125Rune Dagger
Yes8575125Off-hand Rune Dagger
Yes8518001800Blessed Spirit Shield
No8675125Rune Hatchet
No86187.5225Adamant Plateskirt
No86187.5225Adamant Platelegs
No8775125Rune Mace
Yes8775125Off-hand Rune Mace
No8875125Rune Helm
No88312.5350Adamant Platebody
Yes8875125Rune Bolts
Yes891500Corrupted Ore
Yes891800Corrupted Ore VOS
Yes8975125Rune Dart Tips
No8975125Rune Sword
Yes8975125Off-hand Rune Sword
Yes8975125Rune Nails
Yes9020002000Dragonfire Shield
Yes9075125Rune Arrowheads
Yes90150200Rune Hasta
No90150200Rune Scimitar
Yes90150200Off-hand Rune Scimitar
Yes90150200Rune Spear
Yes90150200Rune Pickaxe
Yes9175125Rune Limbs
No91150200Rune Longsword
Yes91150200Off-hand Rune Longsword
Yes9275125Rune Knives
Yes9275125Off-hand Rune Knives
Yes9275125Rune Throwing Axes
Yes9275125Off-hand Rune Throwing Axes
No92150200Rune Full Helm
Yes9220002000Dragon Platebody
No93150200Rune Sq Shield
No94225275Rune Warhammer
No94225275Off-hand Rune Warhammer
No95225275Rune Battleaxe
No95225275Off-hand Rune Battleaxe
No96225275Rune Chainbody
No97225275Rune Kiteshield
Yes98150200Rune Claw
Yes98150200Off-hand Rune Claw
No99225275Rune 2H Sword
No99225275Rune Plateskirt
No99225275Rune Platelegs
No99375425Rune Platebody
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