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Use RuneScript

Various ways to use our service


To use RuneScript in your IRC channel, simply invite it with:
/invite RuneScript #Channel
You can also private message RuneScript to use it with:
/msg RuneScript !command

If RuneScript is not joining your channel please check if:

  • • You have set channel mode +i
  • • You have a +b ~c:#Chan set
  • • The network is experiencing lag

IRC Network Requests

If you would like to use RuneScript on your IRC network you may request it. Please review the list of requirements before requesting.

Web Client

You can use RuneScript via our web client. Click the button below to launch the client.


RuneScript is currently running on the 4 major IM networks: AIM, MSN, Y!IM, and Gtalk. Use the corresponding addresses below to contact and utilize our service.

For IM bot status updates click here.


AIM: rscriptbot
MSN: - Replace # with any digit or letter.
Yahoo: rscriptbot
Gtalk: rscriptbot or

Do not add more than one MSN bot at once or it will not accept your request.