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Global Economy Data

Data shown below represents the global value of the RuneScape Grand Exchange base economy in total, P2P only items & remaining F2P accessible items.

"Market Cap" represents the total value of all items associated with the given category.

Global Totals

Item Count:4,735 items
Market Cap:52,871,011,915 gp

1 Day Change:2,964,468 gp
1 Day Percent Change:0.010%

7 Day Average:52,872,045,458 gp
7 Day Change:8,620,730 gp
7 Day Percent Change:0.020%

30 Day Average:53,040,395,443 gp
30 Day Change:-256,091,652 gp
30 Day Percent Change:-0.480%

90 Day Average:53,160,641,740 gp
90 Day Change:-140,592,058 gp
90 Day Percent Change:-0.270%

180 Day Average:53,515,763,052 gp
180 Day Change:-1,681,580,615 gp
180 Day Percent Change:-3.080%

P2P Totals

Item Count:3,273 items (69.1% of total)
Market Cap:26,831,012,103 gp
(50.7% of total)

1 Day Change:6,133,542 gp
1 Day Percent Change:0.020%

7 Day Average:26,822,452,630 gp
7 Day Change:33,635,414 gp
7 Day Percent Change:0.130%

30 Day Average:26,916,301,688 gp
30 Day Change:-138,073,828 gp
30 Day Percent Change:-0.510%

90 Day Average:27,043,390,728 gp
90 Day Change:-103,436,189 gp
90 Day Percent Change:-0.380%

180 Day Average:27,304,230,631 gp
180 Day Change:-1,397,907,960 gp
180 Day Percent Change:-4.950%

F2P Totals

Item Count:1,462 items (30.9% of total)
Market Cap:26,039,999,812 gp
(49.3% of total)

1 Day Change:-3,169,074 gp
1 Day Percent Change:-0.010%

7 Day Average:26,049,592,828 gp
7 Day Change:-25,014,684 gp
7 Day Percent Change:-0.100%

30 Day Average:26,124,093,755 gp
30 Day Change:-118,017,824 gp
30 Day Percent Change:-0.450%

90 Day Average:26,117,246,442 gp
90 Day Change:-37,133,268 gp
90 Day Percent Change:-0.140%

180 Day Average:26,211,500,459 gp
180 Day Change:-283,607,655 gp
180 Day Percent Change:-1.080%

Global Totals - 180 Day History Graph

P2P Totals - 180 Day History Graph

F2P Totals - 180 Day History Graph