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Global Economy Data

Data shown below represents the global value of the RuneScape Grand Exchange base economy in total, P2P only items & remaining F2P accessible items.

"Market Cap" represents the total value of all items associated with the given category.

Global Totals

Item Count:4,156 items
Market Cap:39,313,378,869 gp

1 Day Change:90,552 gp
1 Day Percent Change:0.000%

7 Day Average:39,314,113,297 gp
7 Day Change:-11,727,397 gp
7 Day Percent Change:-0.030%

30 Day Average:39,350,482,391 gp
30 Day Change:2,262,460 gp
30 Day Percent Change:0.010%

90 Day Average:39,111,822,225 gp
90 Day Change:1,282,827,832 gp
90 Day Percent Change:3.370%

180 Day Average:37,798,783,945 gp
180 Day Change:-2,122,127,181 gp
180 Day Percent Change:19.690%

P2P Totals

Item Count:2,814 items (67.7% of total)
Market Cap:6,487,710,591 gp
(16.5% of total)

1 Day Change:-788,122 gp
1 Day Percent Change:-0.010%

7 Day Average:6,494,737,126 gp
7 Day Change:-18,298,719 gp
7 Day Percent Change:-0.280%

30 Day Average:6,509,276,657 gp
30 Day Change:-28,660,206 gp
30 Day Percent Change:-0.440%

90 Day Average:6,384,779,879 gp
90 Day Change:607,042,110 gp
90 Day Percent Change:10.320%

180 Day Average:6,086,678,403 gp
180 Day Change:1,094,311,089 gp
180 Day Percent Change:20.290%

F2P Totals

Item Count:885 items (21.3% of total)
Market Cap:20,209,025,374 gp
(51.4% of total)

1 Day Change:488,972 gp
1 Day Percent Change:0.000%

7 Day Average:20,218,149,725 gp
7 Day Change:-21,647,972 gp
7 Day Percent Change:-0.110%

30 Day Average:20,287,446,109 gp
30 Day Change:-149,493,858 gp
30 Day Percent Change:-0.730%

90 Day Average:20,204,223,723 gp
90 Day Change:853,106,497 gp
90 Day Percent Change:4.410%

180 Day Average:19,330,007,079 gp
180 Day Change:-1,428,769,196 gp
180 Day Percent Change:16.530%

Global Totals - 180 Day History Graph

P2P Totals - 180 Day History Graph

F2P Totals - 180 Day History Graph