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Global Economy Data

Data shown below represents the global value of the RuneScape Grand Exchange base economy in total, P2P only items & remaining F2P accessible items.

"Market Cap" represents the total value of all items associated with the given category.

Global Totals

Item Count:5,363 items
Market Cap:55,882,174,523 gp

1 Day Change:-38,016,347 gp
1 Day Percent Change:-0.070%

7 Day Average:55,882,374,850 gp
7 Day Change:19,488,597 gp
7 Day Percent Change:0.030%

30 Day Average:55,702,143,710 gp
30 Day Change:549,963,526 gp
30 Day Percent Change:0.990%

90 Day Average:55,433,412,905 gp
90 Day Change:1,012,720,953 gp
90 Day Percent Change:1.850%

180 Day Average:55,090,306,195 gp
180 Day Change:898,526,715 gp
180 Day Percent Change:1.630%

P2P Totals

Item Count:3,599 items (67.1% of total)
Market Cap:29,944,852,855 gp
(53.6% of total)

1 Day Change:-36,801,057 gp
1 Day Percent Change:-0.120%

7 Day Average:29,951,368,631 gp
7 Day Change:4,009,274 gp
7 Day Percent Change:0.010%

30 Day Average:29,778,976,146 gp
30 Day Change:534,149,004 gp
30 Day Percent Change:1.820%

90 Day Average:29,426,119,921 gp
90 Day Change:1,173,317,148 gp
90 Day Percent Change:4.080%

180 Day Average:28,987,264,485 gp
180 Day Change:1,207,596,183 gp
180 Day Percent Change:4.200%

F2P Totals

Item Count:1,764 items (32.9% of total)
Market Cap:25,937,321,668 gp
(46.4% of total)

1 Day Change:-1,215,290 gp
1 Day Percent Change:0.000%

7 Day Average:25,931,006,219 gp
7 Day Change:15,479,323 gp
7 Day Percent Change:0.060%

30 Day Average:25,923,167,564 gp
30 Day Change:15,814,522 gp
30 Day Percent Change:0.060%

90 Day Average:26,007,292,983 gp
90 Day Change:-160,596,195 gp
90 Day Percent Change:-0.620%

180 Day Average:26,103,041,652 gp
180 Day Change:-309,064,218 gp
180 Day Percent Change:-1.180%

Global Totals - 180 Day History Graph

P2P Totals - 180 Day History Graph

F2P Totals - 180 Day History Graph