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RuneScript is a multi-function calculator made for the MMORPG game RuneScape. It is a compilation of scripts that retrieve statistics on players via the hiscores and analyze the data to give helpful information when requested via text-based commands. It has a whole host of features: goal levels, default names, player ranks on hi-scores, price lookups, statistic tracking via RuneTracker.org, and hundreds more.

RuneScript has been in development since April 2005, as a small project for some bored RuneScape players. Since then it has become an important tool for many RuneScape players. RuneScript is free for anyone to use, and if you would like to use it in your channel, check out our Use RuneScript page. RuneScript is regularly used by thousands of channels on dozens of IRC networks.

We are very open to suggestions for RuneScript. If you have a suggestion for us, we encourage you to post on our bug (and feature suggestion) tracker! We always consider every suggestion and we will do our best to add appropriate requests.

RuneScript is developed by the Admins/Devs to the right. To contact a Staff member, select the envelope next to their name from the menu to access their contact details. All legal/business related queries should be directed to spling.