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These websites are either used by the RuneScript project or have been a great help to us; we recommend them to everyone!


RuneHead hosts the RuneScape HighScores Catalogue which RuneScript uses for clan lookups. Many thanks to Ks Jeppe and Michael West for creating, hosting and maintaining this great clan resource! We also thank them for the refined search access!


Tip.It is a popular RuneScape help site with guides, maps, calculators, databases, tips, and much more. Tip.It is where all the people working on RuneScript got to know each other and the community has been pivotal in the development of RuneScript. This website is a must for any RuneScape player.


Jagex develops RuneScape, the MMORPG we emphasize in our services. We thank Jagex Ltd. for access to their Hiscore, Adventurer's Log, Grand Exchange, Knowledge Base, and News Services. We also would like to thank Jagex Ltd. for providing use of their copyrighted content on our main page.