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Terms of Service

By using our service, you are agreeing to the following.


As an IRC/IM user you are free to use RuneScript at your discretion provided the following:

  • Your requests carry no malformed intent (As defined by RuneScript Staff).
  • No output is used for commercial purposes.
  • You understand the use of RuneScript is a privilege, and may be revoked at any time for any reason.
  • You are not using RuneScript's replies for any purpose other than personal requests
  • You agree to defer to the judgment of RuneScript Staff in all cases regarding the project.

Any questions regarding this policy should be posed on our IRC network.

Network Requests

Any small network (less than 150 real users) may request RuneScript by speaking with our staff members provided the following:

  • The network must have nickname retention services. I.e. We must be able to secure the nickname "RuneScript" on the network.
  • The network must have at least 30 users, and at least 1 channel that will use RuneScript on a regular basis. This means that if RuneScript leaves the channel due to low users, the network would stand to be removed.
  • The network should have a stable connection. If the bot is pinging out on the network or the network is splitting and going down a lot, then it should be removed.
  • The network should not be primarily a warez network, etc.

Any questions regarding this policy should be posed on our IRC network.


If RuneScript linked you to this page after an invite, your room has been blacklisted by an administrator of RuneScript. Chances are you or one of your ops annoyed someone, and you'll probably never be able to invite RuneScript again.

If by some chance you figure we might unblacklist your room, you must send an e-mail to explaining the following:

  • Channel name:
  • Network name:
  • Why the blacklist occurred:
  • Why you think we should remove the blacklist on your room:

If you do not include all of this information, your appeal will be laughed at and discarded.

It will take anywhere from an hour to a few days or more for your appeal to be processed, so please be patient. We do have other things to get done, and appeals are way down on the list. In fact, we might not look at our inbox for months!

This is currently the only method of appealing your ban. If you e-mail a staff member with a ban appeal, it will be ignored. Joining our official channels to appeal bans will result in permanent bans and bot ignores all around.