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Web Applications

The web IRC clients are currently unavailable. Please check back again soon or follow the mIRC Instructions to connect.

Web Chat

RuneScript's IRC offers four separate web clients accessible through the form on the right. For your convenience, each client's respective advantages and pitfalls are outlined below.

  • PjIRC - Java applet client hosted by Requires a Java plug-in.
  • Mibbit - AJAX client hosted by
  • Mibbit [SSL] - AJAX client hosted by, connects through SSL.
  • QWebIRC: AJAX client hosted by, using secure HTTP. (OFFLINE)

mIRC Instructions

/server -j #Channel(s)

After entering this command you should connect to the server and join the room(s). Alternatively, you may open your client directly. If you have any problems please select one of our inline web applications, and join #Help.