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Basic IRC Help

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's one of the oldest chat protocols. But enough about that.

Basic Commands:
Commands for irc begin with a / - they can be used for a variety of things. Your IRC client may provide some commands on a right-click menu.

/me action - Does an action.
/query user [text] - Opens a private conversation between you and someone else. [/msg also works]
/notice user text - Sends a notice [private message] to a user.
/join #channel [password] - Joins a channel. All channels are prefixed with # - Commas are used to join multiple channels at once.
/part #channel [message] - Parts a channel.
/nick [nickname] - Changes your nick. Must be at least 2 characters on RScript IRC.
/whois user - Gets information about a user. Note the beginning of hosts are masked on RScript IRC.
/join 0 - Joins fake channel "0", which makes you leave all channels. This is a common prank so watch out for it and its variants.
/topic #channel Topic - Sets the topic for a channel if you have access to change it.
/mode [#channel/your nick] +/- - Adds or removes "modes" from a user or channel. More on this later.
/quit [message] - Quits the IRC server with a message.
/kick #channel user [reason] - Kicks that user from the channel, if you have access.

On RScript IRC, we have a thing called services, which provides some interesting stuff to help channels and users.
/nickserv help - Gives you commands for NickServ, the nick registration service.
/chanserv help - Gives you commands for ChanServ, the channel registration service.
/botserv help - Gives you commands for BotServ, the pusedo-bot service for channels.
/hostserv help - Gives you commands for HostServ, the host-mask changing service.

Helpful Commands:
/helpop - Provides commands, modes, and more at a glance. Also shows advanced usage and more.
/admin - Gives you a list of admins on the network. They are usually found hanging out in #stats or #help.

Other Stuff
The basic rule of this network is: Don't be stupid. That means don't do anything dumb on purpose.