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Added bot login security

The !auth feature allows you to verify RuneScript's identity in the event of someone stealing RuneScript's nickname. The feature allows you to pass a token to RuneScript and get a response based on the token, your nick, and the network you're on. This allows you to make an mIRC script to prevent sending your RuneScript password to a phony bot. While it is possible to get a hold of RuneScript's nickname, it is highly improbable the phony bot will be able to produce the correct key for every user.

Note: This command will only work through private message.


!auth <token>

Example of use:

<User> !auth LoL_I_am_User!!
<RuneScript> @Auth LoL_I_am_User!! 50a79e7bc0bd1b9c7efa64dd7faf105

The response will vary from network to network so this should be taken into consideration if making an mIRC script to work on multiple networks.

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