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Documentation for our bot's commands

Channel Settings

Used to turn bot features on and off

The !set feature allows operators to turn individual triggers on and off in their rooms, or make RuneScript use private messages only for a command. You can also set the options globally, so if you want to temporarily turn the bot off, you can. Only ops or higher may change settings for a room. Note that the spam filter and service announcements will continue to function even if all commands are turned off.


!set <command> [on|off|force|private|silent]

on for a command, makes both ! and @ work as intended.
off for a command disables it completely (! and @ will not work).
force for a command, overrides the global private setting.
private for a command, makes ! and @ both notice users using that command.
silent for a command disables both the command and the message saying it's disabled.

This command must be used in-channel.

Example of use:

<spling> !set stats off
-RuneScript- *** [ SETTINGS ]: "stats" is now set to off for this channel.

The above command will turn off all stat lookups for the channel. The following is a list of commands that can be toggled.

07clan, 07price, 07stats, 24hour, 8ball, accounts, activity, alchloss, alog, armory, bash, bhtimer, bonfire, botmsgs, botnews, botstats, calc, charm, clan, clanrank, clue, cmb-est, cmbpercentage, coin, coinshare, compare, compareml, cost, count, decant, defname, define, dgpotion, die, dklamp, drop, event, exp, f2ppercentage, fairy, fantasy, farmer, food, fml, gains, gcalc, ge, genie, geupdate, global, goal, google, googlefight, graph, grats, guild, halo, heal, highlow, hp-est, imgur, item, kbase, links, lml, lmgtfy, load, longurl, lvl, maxhit, mc-craft, mc-mob, mhit, mini, ml, mlia, music, mycolor, mygoal, myinfo, mylist, namecheck, nextcmb, nextday, nextlvl, noburn, note, npc, overload, param, patch, pc, pestworld, players, potion, pouch, qfc, quest, questxp, rank, records, repair,, rsn, rsnews, rules, runespawn, rsforums, rswiki, rwupdate, set, shop, skill, skillplan, skull, soul, spell, spellc, start, stats, suggest, tempconvert, tasks, tfln, time, tog, top10, topgains, tracker, trank, translate, trecord, tripexp, urban, vimeo, vuvuzela, warbands, wave, weather, whatpulse, youtube, yt
Setting "global" will affect all commands.

If you want the bot to only give private messages in your room, use "!set global private". The "force" setting may be used to make certain commands ignore the global private setting and cause them to display publicly.

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