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24 Hour

A 24 hour timer

The !24hour command is aimed at users who want to keep track of how long they must wait before they can buy or receive items from the Charter. Such items include seaweed, Battlestaves, and sand.

RuneScript sets a 24 hour timer and will notice you when your time is up and you can visit these places again to collect your items. If you are not online when the timer is up, RuneScript will send an offline message or use Memoserv on supported IRC networks to notify you of the timer's expiration.


!24hour [set] [clear]

Example of use:

<Bucket> !24hour set
-RuneScript- *** [ 24 HOUR ]: Your 24 hour timer has been set.
<Bucket> !24hour
-RuneScript- *** [ 24 HOUR ]: Your 24 hour clock ends in 23 hours, 58 minutes.

This command's settings may be changed with !set 24hour.

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