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Make calculations of all kind

RuneScript has a very handy calculator built into it.


!calc <expression>

Example of use:

<spling> `10+3
<RuneScript> *** [ CALC ]: 10+3 = 13

The calculator also has a couple neat features to go along with it. The most useful feature on the calculator is the ability to reference the exp of levels through a function. To illustrate what this means, I'll give you an example. Suppose I have 25,000 exp in a skill, and I want to know how far that is from level 50. I could find this in the calculator by using the L(x) function, where 99 > x > 1. More simply:

<spling> `l(50)-25,000
<RuneScript> *** [ l(50)-25,000 ]: 101333-25000 = 76,333 (76.33k)

You can use commas in your calculations, unlike most bots. The bot also supports abbreviated numbers. You can do `1.5m+300k+l(44) and other things like that.

Below is a table of abbreviations and functions of the calculator.

Thousandxk1k = 1,000
Millionxm1m = 1,000,000
Billionxb1b = 1,000,000,000
Exp. to lvl.L(x)L(99) = 13,034,431
Square Rootsqrt(x)sqrt(25) = 5
Pipipi = 3.141592
Remainder*x%y17%6 = 5

NOTE: * This function displays the remainder of a division. In the labeled example, 17/6, the remainder is 5. In decimal format the answer is 2.8333, in remainder format it's 2r5, and in fraction format it's 2+(5/6).

Additionally, ans can be used in your calculation as a substitution for the answer of your last calculation, as seen in the simple example below.

<Cowman_133> !calc 1000+1
-RuneScript- *** [ CALC ]: 1000+1 = 1,001 (1.0k)
<Cowman_133> !calc ans+23
-RuneScript- *** [ CALC ]: 1001+23 = 1,024 (1.0k)

This command's settings may be changed with !set calc.

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