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Figure out the best use of your charms

The !charm command is used to calculate how to best use the charms a user has collected for summoning. Providing the !charm command with your summoning level or experience will return a list of familiar pouches to maximize the experience from your charms. Total experience, total number of shards needed and how much those shards will cost is also displayed.

Please note that the familiars returned are for maximizing experience only and do not take into account the cost associated with shards needed or which secondary item is needed. We are also looking into making the level or exp lookup automatic so only the number of charms needs to be provided.


!charm <level|experience> <gold charms> [green charms] [crimson charms] [blue charms]

Example of use:

<Cruiser> !charms 53 20 200 30 5
-RuneScript- *** [ CHARMS ]: [Best efficiency for lvl 53] 20 Gold, 200 Green, 30 Crimson, 5 Blue | Total Exp: 26,488 | Total Shards: 21,975 | Shard Cost: 549,375gp | Expected Lvl: 54 (163,082 exp)
-RuneScript- *** [ CHARMS ]: Spirit Terrorbird: 20 (1,368 exp) (Shards: 240) (Cost: 6,000 gp) | Magpie: 200 (16,640 exp) (Shards: 17,600) (Cost: 440,000 gp) | Bloated Leech: 30 (6,456 exp) (Shards: 3,510) (Cost: 87,750 gp) | Iron minotaur: 5 (2,024 exp) (Shards: 625) (Cost: 15,625 gp)

Note: Each familiar is color coded to match the charm needed to simplify output.

Only your level/experience and the number of gold charms is required. Charm colors left out will be assumed to be 0 and added to the totals accordingly. If you wish to include green or blue but not crimson, you must explicitly type 0 in the crimson place. If the zero is left off the next number in line will be assumed to be crimson.

This command's settings may be changed with !set charm.

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