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Clans Comparison

Compare one clan's stats with another clan's

This command uses data from the Runehead Database. For information on commands that use the Official RuneScape Clan Database, visit the help page for !clan and !ml. For Old School RuneScape (OSRS or 07RS) clan lookup, visit the help page for !07clan.

The !compareml command allows you to compare the statistics of any two clans that are in the RuneHead database. This command compares the number of members, the skill totals, and the averages of combat, magic, ranged, and constitution levels.


!compareml <Clan1>, <Clan2>

Note: You MUST have a comma separating the two clan names for this command to work properly.

Example of use:

<Chey> !compareml DR, DK
<RuneScript> *** [ CLAN COMPARE ]: Comparing [DR] Deathrow ( ) to [DK] Dk ending ML( ) | Format: DR/DK (DR difference)
<RuneScript> *** [ CLAN COMPARE ]: Members: 7/30 (-23) | Avg: Cmb: (F2P: 81.09/103.63 (-22.54) | P2P: 87.94/109.23 (-21.29)) Cons: 78.71/84.23 (-5.52) Mage: 84.14/77.93 (+6.21) Range: 79.43/80.57 (-1.14) | Skill Total: 1,467/1,456 (+11)

This command's settings may be changed with !set compareml.

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