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Food and Drink

Use these commands to have RuneScript give you, or someone else, a food or drink item.

All food and drink commands are used in the same way. You can either use the command on its own and the bot will give you the requested item, or you can include a second person and the bot will instead pass it to somebody else.


!<food item> [user]

Below is a list of all food or drinks that RuneScript will currently give out.

  • !7up
  • !beer
  • !brownie
  • !burrito
  • !cabbage
  • !cake
  • !coffee
  • !coke
  • !cookie
  • !crumpet
  • !dew
  • !donut
  • !drpepper
  • !hamburger
  • !hotdog
  • !m&m
  • !milk
  • !oreo
  • !pancake
  • !pepsi
  • !pizza
  • !popcorn
  • !rootbeer
  • !skittles
  • !smarties
  • !spree
  • !sprite
  • !steak
  • !taco
  • !tea
  • !waffle
  • !water

Example of use:

<Cruiser> !waffle
* RuneScript sends Cruiser a bunny with a waffle balanced on its head.
<Cruiser> !waffle Mrs_xbit
* RuneScript sends Mrs_xbit a bunny with a waffle balanced on its head.

<Cowman_133> !popcorn
* RuneScript gives Cowman_133 a bag of popcorn.
<Cowman_133> !popcorn Ningen
* RuneScript gives Ningen a bag of popcorn, compliments of Cowman_133.

These commands' settings may be changed with !set food.

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