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Run events in your channel

The event system can be used to store up to 4 messages for your channel. These messages can then be viewed by users of your channel. You can use the following types: event, flip, merch, dump. We allow full freedom with the messages that are stored in these commands for our power users and merchants. Responsible channels will create their own formats within.


!flip/merch/dump/event set <Event info>
!flip/merch/dump/event info
!flip/merch/dump/event clear

Events can also be set via PM if the bot is in your channel using the following:

!flip/merch/dump/event set <#channel> <info>

Example of use:

These examples will use !event only, but !flip, !merch and !dump work identically.

!event set sets your information. There is no specific template you have to use, you can put anything you want!

<Matt> !event set Ancient Invasion 10/24 3:00 PM
-RuneScript- *** [ EVENT ]: Your event information for #stats has been changed to Ancient Invasion 10/24 3:00 PM

NOTE: This command can only be triggered by a channel OP.

!flip/merch/dump/event shows you what's stored.

<Matt> !event
-RuneScript- *** [ EVENT ]: Ancient Invasion 10/24 3:00 PM

And for information on who set the last event...

<Matt> !event info
-RuneScript- *** [ EVENT ]: Event info for #stats was last modified on Mar 12th 2014 (23secs ago) by Matt (*!*

And to finish it all off, events can be unset as well:

<Matt> !event clear
-RuneScript- *** [ EVENT ]: Your event information has been cleared.

NOTE: This command can only be triggered by a channel OP by default.

To change who can view the current event:

!flip/merch/dump/event access <op|voice|hop|all>

To change who can set the current event:

!flip/merch/dump/event setaccess <op|voice|hop|all>

This command's settings may be changed with !set event.

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