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Lists the top 10 experience gainers in each skill for the past 24 hours

Use !gains to find out which players have gained the most experience in the past 24 hours in any skill or overall, and how much each of them has gained.


!gains <skill>

Note: If you simply type !gains without a skill, it will automatically display the overall experience gains.

Example of use:

<Vulcan> !gains range
-RuneScript- *** [ GAINS ]: "Ranged" #1: drumgun (4,598,394) #2: broski javie (3,063,310) #3: faynt (2,652,234) #4: ddossoo (1,981,045) #5: hoi (1,945,792) #6: paperbag (1,786,733) #7: rocky lv (1,215,008) #8: calvlilin (1,033,838) #9: nick of w56 (1,006,165) #10: a skull kid (802,348)

This command's settings may be changed with !set gains.

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