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Grand Exchange Update

Verify when we last detected a Grand Exchange Update

The !geupdate command displays the last time RuneScript detected an update at the RuneScape Grand Exchange Database. All times are approximate.



Example of use:

<Cowman_133> !geupdate
-RuneScript- *** [ GE UPDATE ]: We last detected a GE update approximately 1hr 33mins 30secs ago. | The last update took 12hrs 11mins 1sec. (This update's time +10hrs 37mins 31secs.) | The GE will not update for another 19hrs 49mins 56secs. | The GE will update within: 1day 13hrs 49mins 56secs.

RuneScript will also send a global message when the Grand Exchange has been updated. You can toggle this feature by using the !geamsg command.


!geamsg <on|off>

Example of use:

<RuneScript> *** [ GE UPDATE ]: The Grand Exchange has been updated
<Cowman_133> !geamsg off
-RuneScript- *** [ GE AMSG ]: RuneScript will no longer message the channel when a update to the Grand Exchange is detected.

This command's settings may be changed with !set geupdate.

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