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Bot Stats

Stats on how RuneScript is performing

The bot stats commands shows a few stats on the bot, for those who are curious. The !botstats or !usage commands display information about the number of channels and users that RuneScript is currently servicing. The !msgs displays information about the number of messages and commands received by RuneScript.



Example of use:

<spling> !botstats
-RuneScript- *** [ USERS ]: Networks: 6 - Channels: 128 - User Base: 985
<Emo> !msgs
-RuneScript- *** [ MESSAGES ]: I've seen 3,151,712,479 IRC messages in the last 5yrs 6days 23hrs 35mins 18secs (1193.9/min). 296,003,382 of these were commands (112.1/min).

These commands' settings may be changed with !set botstats.

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