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My Goal

Set personal goals

The !mygoal command is used to keep track of the level goals that you are trying to achieve. Maybe you're looking to get 91 runecrafting or 85 fletching. This command will keep you on track and help you stay focused and organized when going for those 'hard-to-reach' goals. When you do the corresponding command to what you set your goal as, it will tell you how far off you are from your level.


!mygoal <skill> <##|clear>

Example of use:

<Cowman_133> !mygoal wc 85
<RuneScript> *** [MYGOAL]: Goal level of 85 has been stored for woodcutting.
<Cowman_133> !wc
<RuneScript> *** [WOODCUTTING]: [Cowman 133] Rank: 226,146 | Level: 80 | Exp: 2,139,318 (16.4% of 99) | EXP to lvl 85: 1,119,276 (12.0% to 85) | Effigies: 45@25,360xp
<RuneScript> Required for 1,119,276 woodcutting exp: Magic: 4,478 [4,368] | Yew: 6,396 [6,240] | Eucalyptus: 6,784 [6,619] | Waka Canoe: 7,462 [7,280] | Artic pine: 7,984 [7,789]

This command's settings may be changed with !set mygoal.

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