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My List

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The !mylist command is used to set a custom list of parameters for each skill. All of these parameters are displayed after your level, experience, and rank when you use any !<skill> command. The list of all these parameters can be found using the !param command.


!mylist <skill> Item1, ..., Item5
!mylist <skill> clear

Example of use:

<Cowman_133> !mylist cooking Lobster, Tuna, Salmon, Pike, Shrimp
-RuneScript- *** [ MYLIST ]: Your custom cooking list has been set to: Lobster, Tuna, Salmon, Pike, Shrimp

The corresponding skill command will appear as the following:

<Cowman_133> !cooking
-RuneScript- *** [ COOKING ]: [Cowman 133] Rank: 231,562 | Level: 74 | Exp: 1,130,657 (8.67% of 99) | EXP to lvl 75: 79,764 (30.1% to 60) | Estimated Time to Level (Based on tracker gains): 15wks 5days 14hrs 45mins 57secs
-RuneScript- Required for 79,764 cooking exp: Lobster: 665 | Tuna: 798 | Salmon: 887 | Pike: 998 | Shrimp = 2,659

This command's settings may be changed with !set mylist.

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