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Next Combat

Calculate the combat skill closest to leveling

!nextcmb is used to display which combat skill is closest to the next level. It returns the skill with the least amount of exp to the next level and displays it. After that, it treats it as a normal skill lookup and returns the required items to achieve the next level.


!nextcmb <RuneScape name>

Note: This command uses the !defname function.

Example of use:

<Emo> !nextcmb
-RuneScript- *** [ NEXTCMB ]: Closest combat level up is prayer level 62 in 6,739 exp.
-RuneScript- Bones required for 6,739 prayer exp: Dragon Bones = 94 [E:24] [A:27] | Big Bones = 450 [E:113] [A:129]

This command's settings may be changed with !set nextcmb.

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