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Next Level

Calculate which level is closest to leveling

The !nextlvl command displays which stat the user will be able to level up the fastest. It takes the exp for all of the stats and will take the stat with the least amount of exp to level and display it. It then will display what the user would need in that stat to achieve the next level.



Example of use:

<Emo> !nextlvl
-RuneScript- *** [ EMOFREAK123 ] : Closest level up is Herblore level 53 in 3,075 exp.
-RuneScript- Required for 3,075 Herblore exp: Super Attack Pot: 31 | Super Energy Pot: 27 | Fishing Pot: 28 | Super Anti Poison Pot: 29 | ID Avantoe: 308 | ID Irit Leaf: 342 | Restore Prayer Pot: 36 | Agility Pot: 39

If the skill shown in !nextlvl cannot be trained at that moment, you can also use the @next param with !stats to list all skills and the exp to the next level in each skill.

This command's settings may be changed with !set nextlvl.

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