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Store notes within RuneScript

The !note command has been implemented after a suggestion from a user. With a quick and easy way to store up to 10 notes for your own personal "memorybank", never fear forgetting what you were just about to do!


!note add <message>
!note edit <message number> <message>
!note <message number>
!note del <message number>

Example of use:

To add a note:

<AaronIsFab> !note add This is how to add a note
-RuneScript- *** [ NOTES ]: Note added. (1/10)

Note: Notes have a 300 character limit for addition

To edit a note:

<AaronIsFab> !note edit 1 My note is now edited to this
-RuneScript- *** [ NOTES ]: Your note "This is how to add a note" has been edited to "My note is now edited to this".

To view any of your notes:

<AaronIsFab> !note 1
-RuneScript- *** [ NOTES ]: Note 1: Yay, I have a note

To see how many notes currently used:

<AaronIsFab> !notes
-RuneScript- *** [ NOTES ]: You have 6 notes.

And to delete a note:

<AaronIsFab> !note del 1
-RuneScript- *** [ NOTES ]: Your note "Fancy note for the trash" has been deleted.

This command's settings may be changed with !set note.

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