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Calculate expected Penguin Point rewards

The !penguin command is made for users who want to know ahead of time how much experience or gold they will receive in exchange for their penguin points.

RuneScript will calculate how much experience you will receive per point based on the skill you provide, or how much gold you will receive. RuneScript calculating how much experience you will receive in a skill is defname dependent.

Note: The skill and the amount of points can be swapped. If your skill does not show up in the highscores, it will error.


!penguin <points> (skill)

Example of use:

<Chey> !penguin 20
<RuneScript>*** [ PENGUINS ]: 20 points = 130,000gp
<Chey> !penguin 20 woodcutting
<RuneScript> *** [ PENGUINS ]: With 20 points at level 80 you will gain 40,000 woodcutting experience at 2,000 experience per point.

This command's settings may be changed with !set penguin.

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