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Look up highscore rankings

The !rank command is very useful for anyone who wants to check what level/experience they would need to reach a certain rank.


!rank <skill> <rank#>
!rank <rank#> <skill>

Note: The <skill> can be replaced with any skill, activity (minigame) or overall. <#> would of course be replaced with the rank you wish to look up.

Example of use:

<spling> I wonder what level I'd need to be rank 35,000 in runecrafting.
<spling> !rank rc 35000
<RuneScript> *** [ RUNECRAFT ]: Rank: 35,000 | Name: Kirgid | Exp: 13,115,661 [99] | Exp to Rank 34,999 (EL?Tyler: 28)
<spling> I'd need to go over 13,115,661 exp!

This command's settings may be changed with !set rank.

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