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Skill Lookup

Look up information on your skills

The real "meat" of RuneScript is the skill triggers. The skills triggers allow you to look up the stats of a specific person, in a specific skill. However, it also allows you to expand on that, and make it very easy to plan your training. You can set a "goal" level, and even make it show you how many of a specific thing you need to make/do to get to that goal level.



!<skill> #goal <rsname> @param<

List of skill triggers*:
(ie is replaceable with ei due to common misspelling)

Agility, Agil
Ancients, Ancient (also see Magic)
Attack, Att, Atk
Combat, Cmb, Cmbt
Construction, Construction,
Construct, Building, Con, Poh
Cooking, Cook
Crafting, Craft
Defence, Def
Divination, Div, Dn
Dungeoneering, Dungeon, Dung, Dg
Farming, Farm
Firemaking, Fire, FM
Fishing, Fish
Fletching, Fletch
Herblore, Herb
Hitpoints, Hits, Hp
Hunting, Hunt, Hunter
Magic, Mage (also see Ancients)
Mining, Mine
Prayer, Pray
Ranged, Range
Runecrafting, Runecraft, Rc
Slayer, Slay
Smithing, Smith
Strength, Str
Summoning, Summon, Sum
Thieving, Thieve, Thief
Woodcutting, Woodcut, Wc

List of activity (minigame) triggers:
(ie is replacable with ei due to common misspelling)

ba-[healer, attacker, collector, defender]
Bounty, Bh, Bountyhunter
Bounty-rogue, bhr, bountyhunterrogue, rogue
Conquest, CQ, Conq, Cnq
Castle-Wars, Castlewars, Cwars, Cw
Conquest, Conq, Cnq, CQ
Crucible, Cruc, Cru, Cr
Dominion, DT, DF, Dominion-Tower, Dominiontower, Dominionfactor
Dueling, Duelling, Duel
FOG, fist, fistofguthix, f-o-g
GG-Athletics, GG-A, Athletic GG-Resource, GG-RR, Resource
Mobilising-Armies, Armies, Ma

Another great feature we've implemented into RuneScript, is the ability to look up people's stats by referencing their !defname. Now you can use !fletching &Cowman to look up Cowman's stats, which are shown below. If you do not include the &, it will be treated as a normal lookup and treat the name as a valid RuneScape character.

Note: The & can be placed either before or after the name and can be replaced with = when used at the beginning.

Example of use:

<Cowman_133> !fletching
-RuneScript- *** [ FLETCHING ]: [Cowman 133] Rank: 160,693 | Level: 82 | Exp: 2,613,092 (20.0% of 99) | Exp to lvl 83: 60,022 (76.1% to 83) | Effigies: 3@27,306xp | Est. TTL: 7wks 5days 9hrs 28mins 59secs
-RuneScript- Required for 60,022 fletching exp: 10 Rune Darts: 320 | Magic Shortbow: 361 (721) | 10 Bane Bolts: 601 | 6 Rune Brutals: 801 | Bane Arrows: 401 | 15 Rune Arrows: 290

In the last notice, where RuneScript says "how many things until next level", it does so based on your actual level. In that way, it will never show you something that you can't do. However, it sometimes won't always show what you want to do. To fix this problem, @params were introduced!


Params are an extra text you stick in your command, and if RuneScript knows the level required and the experience gained from it, it will tell you how many times you need to do it. But, what does RuneScript know? Well, that's where the !param <skill> command comes in handy! Use it to get a list of every acceptable param for every skill. Sometimes the list can be quite long.

Example Of Use:

<spling> !fletching MysticTiger @willow shieldbow
-RuneScript- *** [ FLETCHING ]: [Mystictiger] Rank: 130,565 | Level: 87 | Exp: 4,076,460 (31.2% of 99) | Exp to lvl 88: 309,316 (25.1% to 88) | Effigies: 10@32,603.25xp
-RuneScript- Required for 309,316 fletching exp: Magic Shieldbow: 1,691 (3,381) | Bolas: 6,187 | Sagaie: 7,733 | 10 Rune Darts: 1,646 | Magic Shortbow: 1,858 (3,716) | 10 Bane Bolts: 3,094 | Willow Shieldbow: 3,727 (7,454)

Notice that this time it has "Willow Shieldbow: 3,727" at the end. This is the result of the param. You can look up params by clicking here or by using the !param command.


@F2P is a param that can be added to a skill to remove all members components from it, such as Penguin Points and Tears of Guthix. Note that it will not remove members objects from the calculator, like members fish in !fishing.

<Cowman_133> !fishing Cowman_133 @f2p
-RuneScript- *** [ FISHING ]: [Cowman 133] Rank: 226,044 | Level: 71 | Exp: 843,363 (6.47% of 99) | Exp to lvl 72: 55,894 (34.0% to 72) | Est. TTL: 21wks 32mins 6secs
-RuneScript- Required for 55,894 fishing exp: Swordfish: 559 | Lobster: 622 | Tuna: 699 | Salmon: 799 | Pike: 932 | Trout: 1,118


The best feature in the skills triggers is the goal level tool. To use the goal level, you use the following syntax:


!skill #goal <name> @param

Example Of Use:

<spling> !fletching #90 MysticTiger
-RuneScript- *** [ FLETCHING ]: [Mystictiger] Rank: 130,565 | Level: 87 | Exp: 4,076,460 (31.2% of 99) | Exp to lvl 90: 1,269,872 (7.58% to 90) | Effigies: 39@32,603.25xp
-RuneScript- Required for 1,269,872 fletching exp: Magic Shieldbow: 6,940 (13,879) | Bolas: 25,398 | Sagaie: 31,747 | 10 Rune Darts: 6,755 | Magic Shortbow: 7,627 (15,254) | 10 Bane Bolts: 12,699

Notice that this time it gave me how many things needed to make for level 90, instead of level 88.

Note: In all of these examples, we could have omitted a username if we had a !defname set to our username. Also, there are no goals for the combat and overall triggers, and they don't show at all if the person's level is 99.

Important: When using @skill, the second line that returns the items until next level is always a notice.

Target Exp

This fancy feature surely helps out those people trying to get a well-rounded exp number! You set your exp goal by adding

to the !<skill> command and it will figure out how much you need to hit exactly that many experience.

Example Of Use:

<Cowman_133> !str ~4,000,000
-RuneScript- *** [ STRENGTH ]: [Cowman 133] Rank: 324,639 | Level: 69 | Exp: 702,045 (5.38% of 99) | Exp to 4,000,000 exp: 3,297,955 (17.5% to 4,000,000 exp) | Effigies: 203@16,294.35xp | PC Points: 13,462@245xp | Zeal: 898@3,675xp | ToG: 54,966@60xp
-RuneScript- NPCs [Controlled] for 3,297,955 strength exp: Ogre: 13,742 [41,328] | Shadow Warrior: 12,306 [37,010] | Earth Warrior: 15,269 [45,920] | Dagannoth(74): 11,779 (35,424) | Axes: 18,739 [56,357]

*All of the monsters and their appropriate exp values come from the Tip.It Bestiary.

This command's settings may be changed with !set stats.

The Help Docs are maintained by Cowman_133