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Goal Calculator

Calculate the amount of items you will need until your goal level

~<skill> is used to calculate the number of items needed between two sets of experience points. This is especially useful if you want to look up the number of items needed from a level different from yours (i.e. you're looking up stats for a friend, or for a secondary character of yours).


~<skill> <starting level or exp> <goal level or exp> @<item name>

<skill> is one of the skills supported by RuneScript in its normal skill trigger.

In both cases, you can specify a number of experience points or a level (in the form L<a number>). The @<item name> needs to be the item you want to get (or make) to level up. RuneScript will then tell you how much experience you need between your current and goal experience, and how many of that item you need to achieve that goal.

Example of use:

<Chey> ~smithing L51 L68 @steel bars
<RuneScript> Required for 493,087 smithing exp [smelt/smith/both]: Mithril Bars: 16,437/9,862/6,164 | Gold helmet: 21,915/16,437/9,393 | Gold Bowl: 21,915/16,437/9,393 | Mithril Dagger: 16,437/9,862/6,164 | Mithril bars: 16,437/9,862/6,164 | Steel Bullseye Lantern: 28,177/13,149/8,966 | Steel bars: 28,177/13,149/8,966

This is equivalent to all of the following:

<Cynthia> ~smithing 111945 605032 @steel bars
<Cynthia> ~smithing 111945 L68 @steel bars
<Cynthia> ~smithing L51 605032 @steel bars

Note: You do not need to provide a RuneScape name when using this function, since you specify the number of XP that the character starts with.

This command's settings may be changed with !set goal.

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