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Tears of Guthix

Reminds you to return to Tears of Guthix

The !tog command was designed for people that like to do Tears of Guthix on a weekly basis, but often forget what day they last did the activity. This command will store the last date you played the mini game so you can check the time until your next chance.


!tog set <date> <time>
!tog clear

Example of use:

To set the time you last did your tears, do the following:

<Cruiser> !tog set
-RuneScript- *** [ TOG ]: Last Tears of Guthix use set to Mar 4 23:19:24.

This will set your last trip to the current date and time. You can also do this:

<Cruiser> !tog set 1/3/2006 22:55:00
-RuneScript- *** [ TOG ]: Last Tears of Guthix use set to 1/3/2006 22:55:00.

This will set your last trip time to the time and date you give the bot.

To view how much time until you can next play the activity:

<Cruiser> !tog
-RuneScript- *** [ TOG ]: Next Tears of Guthix opportunity in 3 days, 23 hours, 26 minutes.

The script will also send you a memo via MemoServ (Only on networks that support it) when it's an hour or less until your next trip to the activity.

If you have set a tears time, and would like to remove the reminder, then do the following:

<Cruiser> !tog clear
-RuneScript- *** [ TOG ]: Your Tears of Guthix notifier has been removed.

This command's settings may be changed with !set tog.

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