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Tracker Rank

What is your rank on RuneTracker?

The !trank command allows you to look up someone's tracker rank in a specific skill or overall.


!trank [skill] <name>

Example of use:

<Cowman_133> !trank gertjaars
-RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER RANK ]: [overall] for Gertjaars in the last: Day: 208th (1,078,450) | Week: 105th (9,148,794) | Month: 121st (29,989,378)
<Cowman_133> !trank wc drumgun
-RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER RANK ]: [woodcutting] for Drumgun in the last: Day: 2nd (923,875) | Week: 27th (2,277,393) | Month: 3rd (16,526,813)

This command's settings may be changed with !set trank.

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