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View Whatpulse statistics

Whatpulse is an application that tracks how many keys have been pressed, how many times your mouse has been clicked, and also the distance it has moved. All these stats are archived on the main Whatpulse site.


!whatpulse <name>

Note: Currently there is no direct way to lookup a name containing more than one word. Though this can be achieved by setting a default WhatPulse ID.

A default name can be set using the following commands:

!whatpulse set <name|ID>

!whatpulse set <name> This will set the default to your username
!whatpulse set <ID> This will set the default to your usernames ID (useful for multi-word usernames)

Note: Your WhatPulse ID can be found by visiting the WhatPulse website ( and finding yourself, the ID will be clearly visible in the address link you are directed to: ( In this case, 223067 is the user ID.

Example of use:

<AaronIsFab> !whatpulse AaronIsFab
-RuneScript- *** [ AARONISFAB ]: WP Rank: 17,162 | Total Keys: 5,108,986 (0.2/s) | Total Clicks: 1,445,371 (0.06/s) | Total Miles: 96.192 | Last Pulsed: 38secs ago
-RuneScript- *** [ #STATS ]: Team Rank: 293 | Rank in Team: 9 | Number of Members: 41 | Team Keys: 154,943,948 | Team Clicks: 154,943,948 | Team Miles: 3,061.13 | Team Description: Team #stats on
<AaronIsFab> !wp set AaronIsFab
-RuneScript- *** [ NAME ADD ]: Your WhatPulse Name "AaronIsFab" has been saved as your defname.
<AaronIsFab> !wp set 223067
-RuneScript- *** [ ID ADD ]: Your WhatPulse ID "223067" has been saved as your defname.

This command's settings may be changed with !set whatpulse.

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