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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Mar 5 2015

P2P Only?LevelExp. GainedName
No113.1Protoleather Vambraces
No112.5Salve Gloves
No214.2Salve Shoes
No314.8Protoleather Boots
No431.8Salve Hood
No533Protoleather Coif
No652.8Salve Robe bottom
No754.6Protoleather Chaps
No896.5Salve Robe top
No999.5Protoleather Body
No1021Wildercress Gloves
No1121.6Subleather Vambraces
No1222.7Wildercress Shoes
No1323.3Subleather Boots
No1448.8Wildercress Hood
No1550Subleather Coif
No1678.3Wildercress Robe bottom
No1780.1Subleather Chaps
No18139Wildercress Robe top
No19142Subleather Body
No2029.5Blightleaf Gloves
No2130.1Paraleather Vambraces
No2231.2Blightleaf Shoes
No2331.8Paraleather Boots
No2465.8Blightleaf Hood
No2533Paraleather Coif
No26103.8Blightleaf Robe bottom
No27105.6Paraleather Chaps
No28181.5Blightleaf Robe top
No29184.5Paraleather Body
No3038Roseblood Gloves
No3138.6Archleather Vambraces
No3239.7Roseblood Shoes
No3340.3Archleather Boots
No3482.8Roseblood Hood
No3584Archleather Coif
No36129.3Roseblood Robe bottom
No37131.1Archleather Chaps
No38224Roseblood Robe top
No39269.5Archleather Body
No4046.5Bryll Gloves
No4147.1Dromoleather Vambraces
No4248.2Bryll Shoes
No4348.8Dromoleather Boots
No4499.8Bryll Hood
No45101Dromoleather Coif
No46154.8Bryll Robe bottom
No47156.6Dromoleather Chaps
No48266.5Bryll Robe top
No49269.5Dromoleather Body
Yes5055Duskweed Gloves
Yes5155.6Spinoleather Vambraces
Yes5256.7Duskweed Shoes
Yes5357.3Spinoleather Boots
Yes54116.8Duskweed Hood
Yes55118Spinoleather Coif
Yes56180.3Duskweed Robe bottom
Yes57182.1Spinoleather Chaps
Yes58309Duskweed Robe top
Yes59312Spinoleather Body
Yes6063.5Soulbell Gloves
Yes6164.1Gallileather Vambraces
Yes6265.2Soulbell Shoes
Yes6365.8Gallileather Boots
Yes64133.8Soulbell Hood
Yes65135Gallileather Coif
Yes66205.8Soulbell Robe bottom
Yes67207.6Gallileather Chaps
Yes68351.5Soulbell Robe top
Yes69354.5Gallileather Body
Yes7172.6Stegoleather Vambraces
Yes7374.3Stegoleather Boots
Yes75152Stegoleather Coif
Yes76231.3Ectorobe bottom
Yes77233.1Stegoleather Chaps
Yes78394Ectorobe top
Yes79397Stegoleather Body
Yes8080.5Runic Gloves
Yes8181.1Megaleather Vambraces
Yes8282.2Runic Shoes
Yes8382.8Megaleather Boots
Yes84167.8Runic Hood
Yes85169Megaleather Coif
Yes86256.8Runic Robe bottom
Yes87258.6Megaleather Chaps
Yes88439.5Runic Robe top
Yes89439.5Megaleather Body
Yes9089Spiritbloom Gloves
Yes9189.6Tyrannoleather Vambraces
Yes9290.7Spiritbloom Shoes
Yes9391.3Tyrannoleather Boots
Yes94184.8Spiritbloom Hood
Yes95186Tyrannoleather Coif
Yes96282.3Spiritbloom Robe bottom
Yes97284.1Tyrannoleather Chaps
Yes98482Spiritbloom Robe top
Yes99482Tyrannoleather Body
Yes110Molten Glass (Superglass Make)
Yes120Molten Glass
No113.8Leather Gloves
No14String Amulet
Yes117.5Beer Glass
Yes137.5Molten Glass + Beer Glass
Yes115Cut Opal
No114Fixing a Broken Staff
Yes16Limestone Brick
Yes13.8Crushed Opal
No12.5Apply Dye to Cape
No12.5Ball of Wool
No128Cracked Mining Urn
No230Cracked Cooking Urn
No230Cracked Fishing Urn
No230Impious Urn
Yes35Polished Buttons
Yes315Fungal Visor
Yes419Candle Lantern
No419.9Clay ring
No438Cracked Woodcutting Urn
No438.5Cracked Smelting Urn
Yes439Molten Glass + Candle Lantern
No515Gold Ring
No620Gold Necklace
No716.3Leather Boots
No725Pie Dish
Yes725Gold Bracelet
No830Gold Amulet
Yes1015Toy Horsey
Yes1012Strip of Cloth
Yes1015Crossbow String
No1010Imphide Gloves
No1110Imphide Boots
No1122Leather Vambraces
No1220Imphide Hood
Yes1225Oil Lamp
No1240Fragile Cooking Urn
Yes1245Molten Glass + Oil Lamp
Yes1250Fungal Leggings
No1320Imphide Robe Bottom
Yes135Crushed Jade
Yes1320Cut Jade
No1430Imphide Robe Top
No1425Leather Body
No1530Imphide Book
Yes1532.5Snail Helmet
Yes1532.5Crab Helmet or Claw
No1550Fragile Fishing Urn
No1550Fragile Woodcutting Urn
No1630Imp Horn Wand
Yes166.3Crushed Red Topaz
No1650Unstrung symbol
Yes1625Cut Red Topaz
No1740Imphide Shield
Yes1750Unstrung emblem
No1753Fragile Mining Urn
No1752.5Fragile Smelting Urn
Yes1850Silver Sickle
No1827Leather Chaps
Yes1930Magic String
Yes1937.5Plant Pot
Yes2050Lightning conductor
No2050Cut Sapphire
No2040Sapphire Ring
No2090Cut Sapphire + Sapphire Ring
Yes205Rebuild Mort'ton Temple
Yes2050Lightning Conductor
No2012.5Spider Silk Gloves
No2112.5Spider Silk Boots
Yes2150Silver Crossbow Bolts
Yes21125Fungal Poncho
No2225Spider Silk Hood
No2255Sapphire Necklace
No22105Cut Sapphire + Sapphire Necklace
No2325Spider Silk Robe Bottom
Yes2360Sapphire Bracelet
Yes23110Cut Sapphire + Sapphire Bracelet
No2437.5Spider Silk Robe Top
No2465Sapphire Amulet
No24115Cut Sapphire + Sapphire Amulet
No2525Spider Orb
Yes2540Pot Lid
Yes2555Silvthrill Rod
No2625Spider wand
Yes2650Oil Lantern
No2662.5Accursed Urn
Yes2670Molten Glass + Oil Lantern
No2755Emerald Ring
No2767.5Cut Emerald
No27122.5Cut Emerald + Emerald Ring
No2835Hard Leather Body
No2960Emerald Necklace
No29127.5Cut Emerald + Emerald Necklace
Yes3065Emerald Bracelet
Yes30132.5Cut Emerald + Emerald Bracelet
Yes3015Clockwork Suit
Yes3025Penguin Bongos
Yes3050Demonic Sigil
No3012Carapace Gloves
No3112Carapace Boots
No3170Emerald Amulet
No31137.5Cut Emerald + Emerald Amulet
Yes325.8Spiked vambraces
No3268Mining Urn
No3324Carapace Helm
Yes3335Glass Vial
Yes3355Molten Glass + Glass Vial
No3424Carapace Legs
No3470Ruby Ring
No3485Cut Ruby
No34155Cut Ruby + Ruby Ring
No3536Carapace Torso
No3570Smelting Urn
Yes35100Broodoo shield
No3671.5Cooking Urn
Yes3635Origami Balloon
Yes3610Apply Dye to Origami Balloon
Yes3645Create + Dye Origami Balloon
Yes374Strung Rabbit Foot
No3837Painting a Full Helm
No4075Ruby Necklace
No40160Cut Ruby + Ruby Necklace
Yes4140Studded Body
No4177.5Fishing Urn
Yes4262.5Molten Glass + Fishbowl
Yes4280Ruby Bracelet
Yes42165Cut Ruby + Ruby Bracelet
No43107.5Cut Diamond
No4385Diamond Ring
No43192.5Cut Diamond + Diamond Ring
Yes4332Yak-hide Legs
No4340Painting a Kite Shield
Yes4442Studded Leather Chaps
No4480Woodcutting Urn
Yes4530Snakeskin Boots
Yes4652.5Glass Orb
Yes4672.5Molten Glass + Glass Orb
Yes4632Yak-hide Body
Yes4735Snakeskin Vambraces
No4842Painting a Banner
Yes4845Snakeskin Bandana
Yes4880Strong Mining Urn
Yes4955Bullseye Lantern Lens
Yes4975Molten Glass + Bullseye Lens
Yes4983Strong Smelting Urn
No5085Ruby Amulet
No50170Cut Ruby + Ruby Amulet
Yes5050Batwing Gloves
Yes5150Snakeskin Chaps
Yes5187.5Strong Cooking Urn
No5231.2Arctic Pine
Yes5283Unfinished seaweed net
Yes5283Seaweed Net
Yes5250Batwing Boots
Yes5355Snakeskin Body
Yes5390Strong Fishing Urn
Yes54100Water Battlestaff
Yes54172.5Glass Orb + Water Battlestaff
Yes54100Batwing Hood
Yes55100Batwing Legs
Yes55137.5Cut Dragonstone
Yes55100Dragonstone Ring
Yes55237.5Cut Dragonstone + Dragonstone Ring
No5690Diamond Necklace
No56197.5Cut Diamond + Diamond Necklace
Yes5762Green Dragonhide Vambraces
Yes58200Batwing Shield
Yes58112.5Earth Battlestaff
Yes58185Glass Orb + Earth Battlestaff
Yes5895Diamond Bracelet
Yes58202.5Cut Diamond + Diamond Bracelet
Yes5995Decorated Mining Urn
Yes59200Bat Book
Yes60124Green Dragonhide Chaps
Yes6197Strong Woodcuttting Urn
Yes61200Bat Wand
Yes62100Infernal Urn
Yes62125Fire Battlestaff
Yes62197.5Glass Orb + Fire Battlestaff
Yes63186Green Dragonhide Body
Yes64248Green d'hide shield
Yes6540Grifolic Visor
Yes6670Blue Dragonhide Vambraces
Yes66137.5Air Battlestaff
Yes66210Glass Orb + Air Battlestaff
Yes67115Onyx Ring
Yes67167.5Cut Onyx
Yes68140Blue Dragonhide Chaps
No70100Diamond Amulet
No70207.5Cut Diamond + Diamond Amulet
Yes71210Blue Dragonhide Body
Yes72105Dragonstone Necklace
Yes72242.5Cut Dragonstone + Dragonstone Necklace
No72280Blue d'hide shield
Yes72120Grifolic Leggings
Yes7378Red Dragonhide Vambraces
Yes74110Dragonstone Bracelet
Yes74247.5Cut Dragonstone + Dragonstone Bracelet
Yes75156Red Dragonhide Chaps
Yes7515Ring of Slaying
Yes76120Decorated Fishing Urn
Yes77150Armadyl Battlestaff
Yes77234Red Dragonhide Body
Yes78312Red d'hide shield
Yes78350Grifolic Poncho
Yes7950Feather Headdress
Yes7986Black Dragonhide Vambraces
Yes79197.5Cut Hydrix
Yes79130Hydrix Ring
Yes79327.5Cut Hydrix + Hydrix Ring
Yes80150Dragonstone Amulet
Yes80287.5Cut Dragonstone + Dragonstone Amulet
Yes81130Decorated Cooking Urn
Yes82172Black Dragonhide Chaps
Yes82120Onyx Necklace
Yes84258Black Dragonhide Body
Yes84125Onyx Bracelet
Yes85130Skeletal Staves
Yes85344Black d'hide shield
Yes85250Necromancer Robes
Yes86100Ganodermic Visor
Yes8794Royal D'hide Vambraces
Yes8770Light Orb
Yes8790Molten Glass + Light Orb
Yes87174Create + Add Wire to Light Orb
Yes87104Add Wire to Light Orb
Yes87194Molten Glass + Create + Add Wire
Yes89188Royal D'hide Chaps
Yes89100Potion Flask
Yes89150Crystal Flask
Yes90135Hydrix Necklace
Yes90332.5Cut Hydrix + Hydrix Necklace
Yes90165Onyx Amulet
Yes91500Sirenic Mask
Yes91170Shark's Tooth Necklace
Yes921000Sirenic Chaps
Yes92300Gandermic Leggings
Yes931500Sirenic Hauberk
Yes93282Royal D'hide Body
Yes94140Hydrix Bracelet
Yes94337.5Cut Hydrix + Hydrix Bracelet
Yes981000Ganodermic Poncho
Yes99180Hydrix Amulet
Yes99377.5Cut Hydrix + Hydrix Amulet
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