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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Mar 5 2015

LevelExp. GainedName
110Tangle gum shortbow
119.5Novite arrows
14.515 Tangle gum arrow shafts
312Tangle gum trap
611.4Tangle gum longbow
89Tangle gum staff
106.321 Seeping elm arrow shafts
111815 Seeping elm shortbow
1137.5Bathus arrows
1321.6Seeping elm trap
1620.6Seeping elm longbow
1816.2Seeping elm staff
207.826 Blood spindle arrow shafts
2130Blood spindle shortbow
2275Marmaros arrows
2336Blood spindle trap
2634.4Blood spindle longbow
2827Blood spindle staff
309.632 Utuku arrow shafts
3146Utuku shortbow
3355.2Utuku trap
33112.5Kratonite arrows
3652.8Utuku longbow
3841.4Utuku staff
4011.137 Spinebeam arrow shafts
4166Spinebeam shortbow
4379.2Spinebeam trap
44150Fractite arrows
4675.8Spinebeam longbow
4859.4Spinebeam staff
5012.943 Bovistrangler arrow shafts
5190Bovistrangler shortbow
53108Bovistrangler trap
55187.5Zephyrium arrows
56103.4Bovistrangler longbow
5881Bovistrangler staff
6014.448 Thigat arrow shafts
61118Thigat shortbow
63141.6Thigat trap
66135.6Thigat longbow
66225Argonite arrows
68106.2Thigat staff
7016.254 Corpsethorn arrow shafts
71150Corpsethorn shortbow
73180Corpsethorn trap
76172.4Corpsethorn longbow
77262.5Katagon arrows
78135Corpsethorn staff
805959 Entgallow arrow shafts
81186Entgallow shortbow
83223.2Entgallow trap
86213.8Entgallow longbow
88167.4Entgallow staff
88300Gorgonite arrows
9019.565 Grave creeper arrow shafts
91226Grave creeper shortbow
93271.2Grave creeper trap
96259.8Grave creeper longbow
98203.4Grave creeper staff
990Promethium arrows
1515 Arrow Shafts
11515 Headless Arrows
11810 Bronze Darts
139.4515 Bronze Arrows
53.8Ogre Arrow
78.46 Bronze Brutals
9510 Bronze Bolts
924Bronze Crossbow
924Off-hand Bronze Crossbow
924Bronze 2H Crossbow
112110 Opal Tipped Bolts
1557.4515 Iron Arrows
1815.66 Iron Brutals
2033Oak Shortbow
223810 Iron Darts
241010 Blurite Bolts
2464Blurite Crossbow
2550Oak Shieldbow
263410 Jade Tipped Bolts
3090Ogre Composite Bow
3094.9515 Steel Arrows
3234.86 Kebbit Bolts
3330.66 Steel Brutals
3566.5Willow Shortbow
377510 Steel Darts
3838.46 Black Brutals
391510 Iron Bolts
3988Iron Crossbow
3988Off-hand Iron Crossbow
3988Iron 2H Crossbow
4083Willow Shieldbow
413210 Pearl Tipped Bolts
4247.76 Long Kebbit Bolts
432510 Silver Bolts
45132.4515 Mithril Arrows
463510 Steel Bolts
46108Steel Crossbow
46108Off-hand Steel Crossbow
46108Steel 2H Crossbow
4874Red Topaz Tipped Bolts
49606 Mithril Brutals
50100Maple Shortbow
519510 Barbed Bolts
5211210 Mithril Darts
5222515 Broad Leaf Arrows
545010 Mithril Bolts
54128Mithril Crossbow
54128Off-hand Mithril Crossbow
54128Mithril 2H Crossbow
553010 Broad Tipped Bolts
55116.5Maple Shieldbow
569710 Sapphire Tipped Bolts
5810510 Emerald Tipped Bolts
5916Mith Grapple
607.515 Fragment Bolts
60169.9515 Adamant Arrows
617010 Adamant Bolts
61164Adamant Crossbow
61164Off-hand Adamant Crossbow
61164Adamant 2H Crossbow
6275.66 Adamant Brutals
6313310 Ruby Tipped Bolts
6514010 Diamond Tipped Bolts
65135Yew Shortbow
6715010 Adamant Darts
6910010 Rune Bolts
69200Rune Crossbow
69200Off-hand Rune Crossbow
69200Rune 2H Crossbow
70150Yew Shieldbow
7118210 Dragonstone Tipped Bolts
7319410 Onyx Tipped Bolts
75207.4515 Rune Arrows
76150Bane Arrows
77756 Rune Brutals
8010610 Ascendri Bolts
8010010 Bane Bolts
80166.5Magic Shortbow
8118810 Rune Darts
85183Magic Shieldbow
9020010 Ascension Bolts
90244.515 Dragon Arrows
90202.4Elder Shortbow
9313010 Bakriminel Bolts
94200Dragon Crossbow
94200Off-hand Dragon Crossbow
94200Dragon 2H Crossbow
9525010 Dragon Dart
95262.515 Dark Arrows
95232.8Elder Shieldbow
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