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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Jan 29 2016

P2P Only?LevelExp. GainedName
No12.7Air Strike
Yes49Enchange Crossbow Bolt (Opal)
No57.5Water Strike
No717.5Enchant lvl 1 Jewellery
No99.5Earth Strike
Yes1019Mobilising Armies Teleport
No1311.5Fire Strike
Yes1419Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Jade)
No1525Bones to Bananas
No1713.5Air Bolt
No2131Low Alch
No2316.5Water Bolt
Yes2429Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Pearl)
No2535Varrock Teleport
No2737Enchant lvl 2 Jewellery
No2919.5Earth Bolt
Yes2933Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Red Topaz)
No3141Lumbridge Teleport
No320.1Create Gatestone
No3343Telekinetic Grab
No3522.5Fire Bolt
No3748Falador Teleport
Yes4030House Teleport
No4125.5Air Blast
No4353Superheat Item
Yes4555.5Camelot Teleport
No4728.5Water Blast
Yes4959Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby)
No4959Enchant lvl 3 Jewellery
Yes5030Slayer dart
Yes5161Ardougne Teleport
No5331.5Earth Blast
No5565High Alch
Yes5666Charge Water Orb
No5767Enchant lvl 4 Jewellery
Yes5767Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond)
Yes5868Watchtower Teleport
No5934.5Fire Blast
Yes6070Charge Earth Orb
Yes6035.5Bones to Peaches
Yes6168Trollheim Teleport
Yes6236Air Wave
Yes6373Charge Fire Orb
Yes6474Ape Atoll Teleport
Yes6537.5Water Wave
Yes6676Charge Air Orb
Yes6878Enchant lvl 5 Jewellery
Yes6878Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Dragonstone)
Yes7040Earth Wave
Yes7484Teleother Lumbridge
Yes7542.5Fire Wave
Yes7770Storm of Armadyl
Yes8175Air Surge
Yes8292Teleother Falador
Yes8580Water Surge
Yes8797Enchant Lvl 6 Jewellery
Yes8797Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Onyx)
Yes90100Teleother Camelot
Yes9085Earth Surge
Yes9590Fire Surge
Yes5030Smoke Rush
Yes5231Shadow Rush
Yes5464Paddewwa Teleport
Yes5633Blood Rush
Yes5834Ice Rush
Yes6070Senntisten Teleport
Yes6236Smoke Burst
Yes6437Shadow Burst
Yes6676Kharyll Teleport
Yes6839Blood Burst
Yes7040Ice Burst
Yes7282Lassar Teleport
Yes7442Smoke Blitz
Yes7542Opal Aurora
Yes7684Shadow Blitz
Yes7684Prism of Restoration
Yes7786Sapphire Aurora
Yes7888Dareeyak Teleport
Yes7988Emerald Aurora
Yes8089Prism of Salvation
Yes8045Blood Blitz
Yes8246Ice Blitz
Yes8297Prism of Loyalty
Yes8494Carrallangar Teleport
Yes8487Shield Dome
Yes8648Smoke Barrage
Yes8849Shadow Barrage
Yes8895Rapid Growth
Yes90100Annakarl Teleport
Yes90112Crystal Mask
Yes9251Blood Barrage
Yes9452Ice Barrage
Yes96106Ghorrock Teleport
Yes6560Bake Pie
Yes6660Cure Plant
Yes6661Monster Examine
Yes6763NPC Contact
Yes6848Cure Other
Yes6966Moonclan Teleport
Yes7067Tele group Moonclan
Yes7146Cure Me
Yes7170Hunter Kit
Yes7169Ourania Teleport
Yes7270Teleport to South Falador
Yes7271Waterbirth Teleport
Yes7372Tele Group Waterbirth
Yes7459Cure Group
Yes7575Repair Rune Pouch
Yes7576Stat Spy
Yes7576Barbarian Teleport
Yes7676Teleport to North Ardougne
Yes7677Tele Group Barbarian
Yes7778Superglass Make
Yes7879Remote Farming
Yes7880Khazard Teleport
Yes7981Tele Group Khazard
Yes8081Spiritualize Food
Yes8083String Jewellery
Yes8149Stat Restore Pot Share
Yes8286Magic Imbue
Yes8387Fertile Soil
Yes8387Make Leather
Yes8462Boost Potion Share
Yes8589Fishing Guild Teleport
Yes8690Telegroup Fishing Guild
Yes8690Plank make
Yes8790Tune bane ore
Yes8792Catherby Teleport
Yes8893Tele Group Catherby
Yes8996Ice Plateau Teleport
Yes9097Disruption Shield
Yes9099Tele Group Ice Plateau
Yes9286Heal Other
Yes92101Trollheim Teleport
Yes93102Tele Group Trollheim
Yes9373Vengeance Other
Yes95120Vengeance Group
Yes95124Heal Group
Yes96130Spellbook Swap
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