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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Mar 5 2015

LevelFloor #BossesItem BindingRewardsResource DungeonsMilestones
1Floor 1Gluttonous Behemoth, Astea Frostweb, Icy BonesBind one item, rune or ammo itemnonenonenone
3Floor 2nonenonenonenonenone
5Floor 3Luminescent Icefiendnonenonenonenone
7Floor 4nonenonenonenonenone
9Floor 5nonenonenonenonenone
10none nonenonenoneEdgeville Dungeon Chaos Druidsnone
11Floor 6Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaznonenonenonenone
13Floor 7nonenonenonenonenone
15Floor 8nonenonenoneDwarven Mine hidden minenone
17Floor 9To'Kash the Bloodchillernonenonenonenone
19Floor 10nonenonenonenonenone
20none noneBind two itemsnoneEdgeville Dungeon Hill Giantsnone
21Floor 11nonenone[M] Bonecrusher, Charming imp, Herbicidenonenone
22none Bulwark Beastnonenonenonenone
23Floor 12Skeletal Horde, Hobgoblin Geomancernonenonenonenone
25Floor 13nonenoneGem Bag, [M] Scroll of lifeKaramja Volcano Lesser Demonsnone
27Floor 14nonenonenonenonenone
28none Unholy Cursebearernonenonenonenone
29Floor 15Unholy cursebearernonenonenonenone
30none nonenoneArcane pulse necklace, Twisted bird skull necklaceDaemonheim Woodcutting Islandnone
31Floor 16nonenonenonenonenone
33Floor 17nonenonenonenonenone
35Floor 18Rammernaut, Stomp, Har'Larkk the RiftsplitternoneCoal BagWaterfall Fire Giantsnone
37Floor 19nonenonenonenonenone
39Floor 20Lexicus Runewrightnonenonenonenone
41Floor 21nonenonenonenonenone
43Floor 22nonenonenonenonenone
45Floor 23SagittarenoneLongbow sight, Gravite Longbow/Rapier/Shortbow/Staff/Two-handed Sword, Law staffMining Guild Hidden Minenone
47Floor 24nonenonenonenonenone
48none nonenoneTome of frost, Amulet of zealotsnonenone
49Floor 25nonenoneScroll of cleansingnonenone
50none noneBind three itemsArcane blast necklace, Spirit capenonenone
51Floor 26Night-gazer Khighorahknonenonenonenone
53Floor 27nonenoneNature staffnonenone
55Floor 28nonenoneScroll of efficiencyTaverley hellhoundsnone
57Floor 29nonenonenonenonenone
59Floor 30Shadow-forger Ihlakhizannonenonenonenone
60none nonenone[M] Anti-poison totem, Split dragontooth necklaceTaverley blue dragonsnone
61Floor 31nonenonenonenonenone
62none nonenoneRing of vigournonenone
63Floor 32nonenonenonenonenone
65Floor 33Bal'lak the Pummellernone[M] Rapid RenewalVarrock Moss Giantsnone
67Floor 34nonenonenonenonenone
69Floor 35nonenonenonenonenone
70none nonenone[M] Arcane stream necklaceChaos Tunnels Black Demonsnone
71Floor 36Skeletal trio, Runebound Behemoth, Gravecreepernonenonenonenone
73Floor 37nonenone[M] Mercenary's glovesnonenone
75Floor 38nonenonenoneAl Kharid hidden minenone
77Floor 39Necrolordnone[M] Augurynonenone
79Floor 40nonenonenonenonenone
80none nonenone[M] Chaotic crossbow/kiteshield/longsword/maul/rapier/staff, Eagle-eye kiteshield, Farseer kiteshield, SneakerpeeperBrimhaven metal dragonsnone
81Floor 41nonenonenonenonenone
83Floor 42Flesh-spoiler Hassghenahknonenonenonenone
85Floor 43nonenone[M] Seeker petIce Dungeon Frost Dragonnone
87Floor 44nonenonenonenonenone
89Floor 45Yk'Lagor the Thunderousnonenonenonenone
90none noneBind four items[M] Demon horn necklacenonenone
91Floor 46nonenonenonenonenone
93Floor 47nonenonenonenonenone
95Floor 48Blink, Warped gulega, Dreadnautnonenonenonenone
97Floor 49nonenonenonenonenone
99Floor 50nonenonenonenoneSkill Mastery
100none noneBind three itemsnonenonenone
101Floor 51Hope devourernonenonenonenone
103Floor 52nonenonenonenonenone
105Floor 53nonenonenonenonenone
107Floor 54World-gorger Shukarhazhnonenonenonenone
109Floor 55nonenonenonenonenone
111Floor 56nonenonenonenonenone
113Floor 57Kal'Ger the Warmongernonenonenonenone
115Floor 58nonenonenonenonenone
117Floor 59nonenonenonenonenone
119Floor 60nonenonenonenonenone
120none noneBind five itemsnonenoneTrue Skill Mastery
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