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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Mar 5 2015

P2P Only?LevelExp. GainedName
No125Tangle gum branches
No1044.5Seeping elm branches
No2065.6Blood spindle branches
No3088.3Utuku branches
No40112.6Spinebeam branches
Yes50138.5Bovistrangler branches
Yes60166Thigat branches
Yes70195.1Corpsethorn branches
Yes80225.8Entgallow branches
Yes90258.1Grave creeper branches
Yes180Fireplace (POH)
No140Normal Logs
No150Normal Bonfire
Yes550Normal Pyre
No1560Oak Logs
No1585Oak Bonfire
Yes2070Oak Pyre
Yes2020Origami Balloon
No3090Willow Logs
No30105Willow Bonfire
Yes30100Willow Pyre
Yes35105Teak Logs
Yes35120Teak Bonfire
Yes42125Arctic Pine Logs
Yes42130Arctic Pine Bonfire
Yes47158Artic Pine Pyre
No45135Maple Logs
No45175Maple Bonfire
Yes50157.5Mahogany Logs
Yes50180Mahogany Bonfire
Yes50175Maple Pyre
Yes58193.5Eucalyptus Logs
Yes58195Eucalyptus Bonfire
No60202.5Yew Logs
No60260Yew Bonfire
Yes63246Eucalyptus Pyre
Yes65225Yew Pyre
Yes75303.75Magic Logs
Yes75310Magic Bonfire
Yes76303.75Blisterwood Logs
Yes76310Blisterwood Bonfire
Yes80404.5Magic Pyre
Yes83378.7Curly Root
Yes90303.8Elder Logs
Yes95550Elder Pyre
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