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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Aug 8 2015

LevelExp. GainedName
1656Adamant Dragon
134Ankou lvl 60
134Ankou lvl 61
134Ankou lvl 63
1171Avansie lvl 89
1187Avansie lvl 92
1207Avansie lvl 95
132Giant Bat
135Albino Bat
111Black Bear
113.4Grizzly Bear
120Bear Cub
121Mounted Terrorbird Gnome
173Tenacious Toucan
17Undead Chicken
1294.4Black Demon lvl 98
1655Black Demon lvl 166
1245Black Dragon
145Baby Black Dragon
11050.6King Black Dragon
11693.5Queen Black Dragon
193.8Blue Dragon
118.8Baby Blue Dragon
1124.5Bronze Dragon
125Catablepon lvl 53a
126Catablepon lvl 53b
127Catablepon lvl 54
1976.3Celestial Dragon
16Cow Calf
159.4Cyclops lvl 57
171.8Cyclops lvl 63
186.6Cyclops lvl 68
1281.8Cyclops lvl 91
157Dagannoth lvl 77
161Dagannoth lvl 78a
157.6Dagannoth lvl 78b
164Dagannoth lvl 79
139.4Dagannoth Spawn
1326.6Dagannoth Guardian
1250Dagannoth Sentinel
11068Dagannoth Prime
11068Dagannoth Rex
11068Dagannoth Supreme
113.4Guard Dog
114Wild Dog
141.4Shadow Hound
17.2Dwarf lvl 9
18.2Dwarf lvl 20
115.5Dwarf lvl 56
119Dwarf lvl 64
121Chaos Dwarf
117Black Guard lvl 42
117Black Guard lvl 47
157.5Earth Warrior
173.6Elf Warrior lvl 84
189.4Elf Warrior lvl 89
1608Cadarn Magus
1608Cadarn Ranger
1608Iorwerth Guard
1608Iorwerth Scout
1161.2Fire Giant
117.5Flesh Crawler
163.6Fungal Mage
18Ghost lvl 25
121Ghost lvl 28
180Ghost lvl 42
120Ghost lvl 48
140.4Tortured Soul
144Ghostly Warrior
1150Tormented Wraith
110Revenant Imp
110Revenant Goblin
140Revenant Icefiend
148Revenant Pyrefiend
172Revenant Hobgoblin
160Revenant Vampyre
165Revenant Werewolf
1110Revenant Cyclops
180Revenant Hellhound
180Revenant Demon
1105Revenant Ork
1256Revenant Dark Beast
1552.8Revenant Knight
1155Revenant Dragon
1188Ghoul Champion
16Goblin lvl 1
16Goblin lvl 2
16Goblin lvl 3
16Goblin lvl 4
126Goblin lvl 5
16Goblin lvl 6
15Goblin lvl 10
16Goblin lvl 11
15Goblin lvl 84
149.8Gorak lvl 74
1217.8Gorak lvl 95
1135.5Greater Demon
12151.5K'ril Tsutsaroth
1209Tstanon Karlak
1175Green Dragon
1440Brutal Green Dragon
1123.2Giant Worm
111.4Young Grotworm
1343.5Mature Grotworm
193.6Hellhound lvl 92
1218Hellhound lvl 95
139Hill Giant
149Hobgoblin lvl 28
1268.5Hobgoblin lvl 91
17Icefiend lvl 35
1147Icefiend lvl 84
174Icefiend lvl 107
147Ice Giant
127Ice Warrior
1245Iron Dragon
141.5Jungle Horror
13963Kalphite King
11347Kalphite Queen
195Kalphite Guardian
178.8Kalphite Soldier
159.3Kalphite Worker
12055Exiled Kalphite Queen
1240.4Exiled Kalphite Marauder lvl 98
1229Exiled Kalphite Marauder lvl 107
1229Exiled Kalphite Guardian
1140Exiled Kalphite Paragon
1147Exiled Kalphite Soldier
1109.8Exiled Kalphite Worker
186.6Lesser Demon lvl 70
1688Lesser Demon lvl 156
1150Zakl'n Gritch
11106Living Rock Patriarch
1156Living Rock Protector
1156Living Rock Striker
1564.4Mithril Dragon
190Monkey Guard lvl 89
185Monkey Guard lvl 88
163Monkey Archer lvl 114
166Monkey Archer lvl 116
174Monkey Archer lvl 120
160Moss Giant lvl 28
149.5Moss Giant lvl 51
160Moss Giant lvl 61
134Ogre lvl 56
179Ogre lvl 67
1232Ogre lvl 86
180Ogress Warrior
187Ogress Champion
136Otherwordly Being
16Giant Rat
1220.8Red Dragon
150Baby Red Dragon
12051Rune Dragon
117.2Small Scarab
154.8Locust Rider
152Scarab Mage
191Locust Lancer
1100Locust Ranger
155Scabaras Lancer
155Scabaras Mage
1109.5Scabaras Ranger
1130Giant Scarab
18Scorpion lvl 14
111Scorpion lvl 26
111Scorpion lvl 27
130King Scorpion
123Poison Scorpion
132Pit Scorpion
150Sea Snake Hatchling
131Loar Shade
132Phrin Shade
136Riyl Shade
139Asyn Shade
143Fiyr Shade
1343Truthful Shadow
1565Blissful Shadow
1930Manifest Shadow
139Shadow Warrior
19Skeleton lvl 15
124Skeleton lvl 16
113Skeleton lvl 32
118Skeleton lvl 43
119Skeleton lvl 46
121Skeleton lvl 47
122Skeleton lvl 49
123.6Skeleton lvl 51
125Skeleton lvl 58
15Spider lvl 5
18Spider lvl 15
15.7Spider lvl 1
17Giant Spider lvl 2
114Giant Spider lvl 33
116Giant Spider lvl 39
165Ice Spider
110Jungle Spider lvl 21
177.1Jungle Spider lvl 86
164Poison Spider
117.2Blessed Spider
1350Steel Dragon
147.4Suqah lvl 73
149.8Suqah lvl 74
157.6Suqah lvl 79
11136Tormented Demon
155Mountain Troll
1150Ice Troll King
189.4Troll General
124.8Ice Troll Runt
141.5Ice Troll Male
141.5Ice Troll Female
189.4River Troll
157.6Undead Troll
140Feral Vampyre
1290.8Waterfiend lvl 102
1335Waterfiend lvl 107
134.5Werewolf lvl 63
1171Werewolf lvl 89
134Wolf lvl 16
110Wolf lvl 23
169Wolf lvl 42
174Big Wolf
134Dire Wolf
169Fenris Wolf
134Desert Wolf
170Ice Wolf
170Jungle Wolf
144White Wolf
18Zombie lvl 11
18Zombie lvl 12
19Zombie lvl 14
110Zombie lvl 22
113Zombie lvl 29
150Zombie lvl 72
152Zombie lvl 74
160Zombie lvl 75
164Zombie lvl 77
170Zombie lvl 78
174Zombie lvl 79
177Zombie lvl 82
18Zombie lvl 84
18Zombie lvl 85
15Gelatinous Abomination
58Crawling Hand lvl 11
59.4Crawling Hand lvl 18
77.5Cave Bug
1025.8Cave Crawler lvl 53
1049.8Cave Crawler lvl 74
1060.6Cave Crawler lvl 78
1593.8Mighty Banshee
1711.4Cave Slime
2020Rockslug lvl 42
2022Rockslug lvl 49
2214Desert Lizard lvl 35
2222Desert Lizard lvl 49
2236Desert Lizard lvl 63
3034.2Pyrefiend lvl 61
3041.4Pyrefiend lvl 67
3041.4Pyrefiend lvl 92
3143.2Vyrewatch lvl 70
3147.4Vyrewatch lvl 72
3152.2Vyrewatch lvl 75
3157.6Vyrewatch lvl 78
3189.4Vyrewatch lvl 91
3335Harpie Bug Swarm
3527Wall Beast
4085Sea Snake Young
4050Basilisk lvl 70
4084Basilisk lvl 77
4069Terror Dog lvl 61
4079Terror Dog lvl 65
4291Fever Spider
4596Infernal Mage
4745Brine Rat
5038.6Bloodveld lvl 61
5088.4Bloodveld lvl 68
50197.4Bloodveld lvl 92
50216Mutated Bloodveld lvl 91
50239.6Mutated bloodveld lvl 95
5538Turoth lvl 64
5541Turoth lvl 66
5543Turoth lvl 68
5545Turoth lvl 69
5547Turoth lvl 71
5699.8Warped Tortoise
56140Warped Terrorbird
5731Mutated Zygomite lvl 58
5742Mutated Zygomite lvl 65
5857.6Cave Horror
592500Wild Jade Vine
60109.5Aberrant Spectre lvl 72
60124Aberrant Spectre lvl 78
6390Spiritual Ranger
65192.8Dust Devil
65239Dagannoth Mother
68240.4Spiritual Warrior
72510.8Skeletal Wyvern
73176.6Jungle Strykewyrm
76469Throwing Muspah
76469Force Muspah
76469Bladed Muspah
76705.4Blood Nihil
76423Shadow Nihil
76564Smoke Nihil
76564Ice Nihil
77301.2Desert Strykewyrm
8098.6Mutated Jadinko Baby
83229Spiritual Mage
85277.8Abyssal Demon
86188.4Mutated Jadinko Guard
90331.4Dark Beast
91209.6Mutated Jadinko Male
93462.2Ice Strykewyrm
941872Lava Strykewyrm
95565Ganodermic Runt
95565Ganodermic Creature
95565Ganodermic Beast
951445Legio Primus
951922Legio Quartus
951922Legio Quintus
951922Legio Secundus
951923Legio Sextus
951923Legio Tertius
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