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Skill Parameters Database

These databases contain parameters for each skill that can be used on RuneScript.

Items listed in a separate table at the top of the page are dungeoneering items for that skill at the time of writing. Any errors found in these tables can be reported on our bug tracker.

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Last Updated: Mar 4 2015

LevelExp. GainedName
125.5DG Chest 1
1057DG Chest 2
20115DG Chest 3
30209DG Chest 4
40331.5DG Chest 5
50485DG Chest 6
60661.5DG Chest 7
70876DG Chest 8
801118.5DG Chest 9
901410.5DG Chest 10
18Pick Man
18Pick Woman
1350Winter Sq'irk Juice
210Vegetable Stall
516Baker's Stall
516Crafting Stall
516General Stall
516Monkey Food Stall
616Tea Stall
1014.5Pick Farmer
137.5Loot 10 Coin Chest
1510Rock Cake Stall
1518.5Pick Female HAM
2022.2Pick Male HAM
2024Silk Stall
2140PP Chest Room 1
2140PP Urn Checked Room 1
2160PP Urn Looted Room 1
2140PP Door Without Lockpick Room 1
2120PP Door With Lockpick Room 1
2227Wine Stall
2322.2Pick HAM Guard
2526Pick Warrior
251350Spring Sq'irk Juice
2710Pick Seed Stall
2825Loot Nature Rune Chest
3160PP Chest Room 2
3160PP Urn Checked Room 2
3190PP Urn Looted Room 2
3160PP Door Without Lockpick Room 2
3130PP Door With Lockpick Room 2
3235.5Pick Rogue
3536Fur Stall
3640Pick Cave Goblin
3843Master Farmer
4046.5Pick Guard
41100PP Chest Room 3
41100PP Urn Checked Room 3
41150PP Urn Looted Room 3
41100PP Door Without Lockpick Room 3
4150PP Door With Lockpick Room 3
4242Fish Stall
43125Loot 50 Coin Chest
4565Pick Fremennik
4565Pick Bearded Pollnivian Bandit
452350Autumn Sq'irk Juice
5054Silver Stall
5070Wall Safe
51140PP Chest Room 4
51140PP Urn Checked Room 4
51215PP Urn Looted Room 4
51140PP Door Without Lockpick Room 4
5170PP Door With Lockpick Room 4
52200Pick Dorgesh-Kaan (low)
5379.4Pick Desert Bandit
5584.5Pick Knight
5584.3Pick Pollnivnian Bandit
59288Loot Blood Rune Chest
61200PP Chest Room 5
61200PP Urn Checked Room 5
61300PP Urn Looted Room 5
61200PP Door Without Lockpick Room 5
61100PP Door With Lockpick Room 5
6581.3Spice Stall
65100Magic Stall
65137.5Pick Menaphite Thug
65137.5Pick Yanille Watchman
65160Scimitar Stall
653000Summer Sq'irk Juice
70170Monkey Knife Fighter (1x + stun)
70320Monkey Knife Fighter (2x + stun)
70151.8Pick Paladin
71300PP Chest Room 6
71300PP Urn Checked Room 6
71450PP Urn Looted Room 6
71300PP Door Without Lockpick Room 6
71150PP Door With Lockpick Room 6
75160Gem Stall
75198.3Pick Gnome
78650Pick Dorgesh-Kaan (high)
80273.3Pick Hero
81450PP Chest Room 7
81450PP Urn Checked Room 7
81675PP Urn Looted Room 7
81450PP Door Without Lockpick Room 7
81225PP Door With Lockpick Room 7
85353.3Pick Elf
90556.5Pick Dwarf Trader
91125Pick Iorwerth Worker
91150Pick Iorwerth Worker VOS
91550PP Chest Room 8
91550PP Urn Checked Room 8
91825PP Urn Looted Room 8
92130Pick Ithell Worker
92156Pick Ithell Worker VOS
93135Pick Cadarn Worker
93162Pick Cadarn Worker VOS
94140Pick Amlodd Worker
94168Pick Amlodd Worker VOS
95145Pick Trahaearn Worker
95174Pick Trahaearn Worker VOS
96150Pick Hefin Worker
96180Pick Hefin Worker VOS
97155Pick Crwys Worker
97186Pick Crwys Worker VOS
98170Pick Meilyr Worker
98204Pick Meilyr Worker VOS
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